Friday, January 05, 2007

What a Trip!!

Well, I am now back from my week-long trip to Phoenix for my sister-in-law's wedding. What coukd be better, right? Sun, warm temperatures, family and friends. Good times.

Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Turns out that when you take four families, comprising of 25 people from four different states, into the same house everyone's immune systems go haywire!!! I caught two different illnesses and possibly three. I was sick and mostly in bed for three of the days and felt pretty crummy for two more. At least 15 of the 25 people threw up at least once. I got to do so twice. (Yea!) This leass than two weeks after my morning sickness finally wore off. *Grumble*

On the up side (yes, there is an up side) one of the days I felt good was the day I had scheduled to have lunch with Stephenie. Now, I have to say, I love all my publishing friends online, but it is so fun to just sit face-to-face with someone and talk books and writing and publishing for like two hours. I had such a splendid time and learned quite a bit about foreign rights.

But, as always, there's no place like home and despite the great visit we had with my husband's family, I am so glad to be back in my own house with my own germs . . . yanno, the ones I'm immune to.;) I am also glad that the wheels in the publishing world are turning again. Jodi and I are having a phone brainstorming session on Monday for one last trouble spot in my book and it should be abut ready after that. I am hoping that February will be shopping month for me!



Anonymous said...

welcome home, luv!

ORION said...

Welcome back.
Most everybody here was sick for Christmas except me. I was busy gloating over my deal...

LadyBronco said...

I feel your pain! Over the New Year's holiday, I was out of commission for 6 days with strep throat.
Glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you are feeling better. Talk to you soon!