Friday, November 20, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures!

Okay, I have owed you guys pictures for a long time. So here's a big post full of them!

Remember a few weeks ago when I did the faerie tea party? It was so fun! I went to a Boys and Girls Club and they invited girls from five clubs who were all part of a reading program called Smart Girls! (Love that!) A group of women who throw tea parties professionally volunteered to come and to the tea party part! They laid out long tablecloths so the girls could have "tables" complete with faerie party favors! (Oh, and that gorgeous chair? That was mine.:))

And the girls came in, most of them having read the book, a bunch wearing wings, and all of them excited for the party!

And, of course, what kind of party would it be without my Late Bloomers, Espe (who organized) and Jen (who wore a tutu!)?

Thanks guys!!!

A bit of randomness; my husband and I discovered the most amazing Asian market a few weeks ago. Uh. Maze. Ing!! Most Asian markets I've been to are boutique sized. This one is the size of a large grocery store! And they have everything! One of our favorites, they have an entire aisle of Ramen. Every kind of ramen you could imagine. This is just one side of the aisle--the other is just as packed!

For our anniversary next week, instead of going out to eat, we are going to the Asian market and picking up a ton of stuff and having a cooking night! (Mmmm, steam buns . . . .)

Okay, since I was a little girl, I have always wanted a canopy bed. What little girl doesn't? Sadly, it took me till I was 28 to get one.

*sigh* I'm in love with my bed!

Then, last weekend, I went to the faerie festival in Goodyear! It was so fun! Hardcore faerie fans! And I got to meet back up with one of my favorite authors, in word and in person, Janni Lee Simner (watch for her new book, Thief Eyes, next Spring, and the sequel to Bones of Faerie in 2011!!) Here's Janni reading for her fab novel, Bones of Faerie!

But Janni was far from the only author there! I got to hang with Janette Rallison (who won the award for the best author in costume) and James A. Owen (who did that little air-kiss greeting thing with me--that always makes me feel chic and sophisticated . . . which . . . I'm not.:)) And here we are!

Gee, what IS that little book in the bottom left hand corner??? (I promise the table was not just full of my books. The others cleared them off before the pic, I' don't know why. In actuality the table was mostly full of James' books.:D)

And the tutus made another appearance! This time everyone got one!! Jen's awesome SIL Malinda was very busy making tutus for everyone. You can't see mine in the picture, but it is fluffy and wonderful!!!

So that is my last month in pictures! Next up, feeding 39 people for Thanksgiving and making sixteen pies from scratch! It's going to be epic and you'd better believe there are going to be pictures!!!:D


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Live in Chicago??

Then come see me!! And not only me, but several of the Debs!! Introducing:

You can find more information about the entire tour here. But here is the part of the Deb Tour that I will be participating in!


Dec. 5, 1-3 p.m.
161 N. Weber Road
Bolingbrook, IL
Including: Cynthea Liu, Saundra Mitchell, Aprilynne Pike, Kristina Springer, Darcy Vance, Lara Zielin

Dec. 5, 7-9 p.m.
The Book Cellar, Inc.
4736-38 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL
Including: Cynthea Liu, Saundra Mitchell, Aprilynne Pike, Kristina Springer, Darcy Vance, Lara Zielin

There will also be stops in New York, Toronto (Debs go international! Yay!!), and San Francisco! So if you live around any of those areas, please go see the Debs! This is our final big event for the year and we intend to make it a good one!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, my title and cover kinda got out this week. Which means I get to post them both early!! (I'm pretending to be really sad about that. So some of my Tweeps have already seen this, but here is my cover for SPELLS, the sequel to WINGS!!!

Yay! I just love it! I especially love the font, which is just a bit different than on Wings.

But you know what I really love? That it will be on the shelves in less than six months! I really love Spells. *whispers* I think it's better than Wings . . . Of course, I think every author thinks each subsequent book is better than the last so, well, I'm probably biased.:D But at the very least, I hope you all love the cover as much as I do!


Thursday, November 05, 2009