Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Teenager in the Making

My three-year-old daughter loves to pretend to be a puppy. But since winter set in few months ago, there is a new development. She likes to pretend that those flannel pyjamas with the zipper up the front are her "fur." Normally this isn't a problem, but this morning, for some reason, she can't make up her mind which puppy she wants to be. So she keeps switching back and forth between three different sets of flannel zips.

Then, of course, I have to call her by the appropriate puppy name. *rolls eyes* I love my daughter; she's so cute.

But really, a teenager in the making. I can just see her in twelve years, after trying on about sixteen different outfits.

"Mooooooom! I have nothing to wear!"

"What about the clothes covering the entire surface of your bed?"


Then I'll remind her of the fur story.:)



brian_ohio said...

I have a three year old as well. And she plays puppy, or used to. I had to put a stop to it because she would lick everything. Gross!

I also have thirteen year old twin girls. We had to go to a funeral a few weeks back. One of them couldn't find anything to wear and insisted that we had to go purchase a new black wardobe for her. Oh... she found something to wear.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! My three year old learned to do that with clothes from her step sister...her stepmom finally had to hide all their clothes. I thought it was funny. Can't wait till they are teenagers together!


Aprilynne Pike said...

Oh man, Brian, I am laughing so hard at that!!!

ORION said...

Hey - I used to pretend to be a puppy!

LadyBronco said...

I have a thirteen year old boy, and he is just as bad with finding something to wear.
Who knew boys cared that much at that age about what they were wearing?
I think a girl may be!

Anissa said...

Oh don't say that, LadyBronco! I was just thinking that I wouldn't have to worry about it with two boys.

On the other hand, a friend of mine just caught her 15-year-old son looking at, erm, inappropriate sights on the internet. While she was reading in the same room! I guess I was thinking that's what was in store for me. Then again, I'd much rather deal with nothing to wear. :)

trinathegranny said...

I love audrey, fur and all.

Anissa said...

Oh, you have an Audrey...that's my favorite girl's name. Now I like her even more!