Monday, January 29, 2007

Growing up.

Trust me, this post isn't about what you think it's about.

I LOVE to surf the net--to the point that sometimes I have to put limits on myself to make sure I get anything else done that day. I adore writers' sites and blogs and forums. Also agents' sites and blogs.

But it's been interesting the way my surfing habits have changed since I got an agent. I'm growing out of some of my favorite sites. Not because they are not fabulous and wonderful, but because that's not the stage I'm at anymore.

Here are some of the sites I used to read religiously that I have let fall to the wayside:

Rachel Vater's Site I love Rachel's site. She got a great personality and shares tons of advice on real-life queries. But that doesn't really apply to me anymore.
Literary agent forum- I still pop in there once in a while, but I don't read anyone else's queries and just quickly browse any other interesting looking topics.

The Rejecter- Well, she's had a quality issue too. Majorly gone downhill. But I used to enjoy seeing the literary agent assistant's point of view on submissions. It just doesn't matter that much to me anymore.

Agent Query- The absolute number one spot in my mind for authors who are looking for an agent. But . . . I'm not anymore. Although once in a while I do go there and look up Jodi's name just to remind myself that she's real.:)

There are others, but I won't mention them publicly.;)

Now here are some that I've grown into:

The Debutante Ball
- This is a really fun "grog" (group blog) of women whose debut novels are all coming out. They are only a step ahead of me and give lots of good advice as well as simple, fun reading. This one may seem weird, but I've totally started market watching.

Pat's Blog- You'll have to excuse my constant mentions of her. She's like my mentor.:) Now, I read Pat's blog before, but it was because I liked her as a person and liked her writing and pictures. Now, the content is very applicable to me. So even though this isn't technically a new site, it's one I now read with new eyes.

Of course, just like I still have my favorite pair of jeans from college and the ratty pillow I just can't let go if, there are blogs that I still read despite being in a new stage of publication life:

Kristin Nelson's Blog- It doesn't matter where you are in your publishing life, this blog has great advice. Maybe I'll feel differently when I am a multi-published best selling author (cough, cough, sputter) but for now, it's still one of the goodies.

Miss Snark- How anyone can ever grow out of Miss Snark is beyond me. Though I doubt I will participate in another Crap O Meter (we all know she'll have another one some day.;))

It's a little weird to see some of these sites stop holding my interest; rather like childhood friends you have nothing in common with any more. But you still look back fondly and remember when.:)



Anissa said...

I think this is perfectly normal (at least it happens to me too). I remember back when I was engaged I loved to watch the Wedding Story on TV. Loved it. Then, after I got married, my interest waned. Have seen maybe one or two since. Then it was on to the Baby Story. Now that I have children, same thing.

You're absolutely right, once you've reached that place in your own life, you move forward. Sure you look back with fondness, but those things which were unknown are now familiar. You've experienced them yourself, have your own memories and stories. Now it's time for something new and even more exciting. Good luck with everything!

Heidi the Hick said...

Hello! I just read back in your blog and I've learned so much tonight! I read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer two months ago. What an excellent story. When I was done I thought I have a new standard to reach.

I'm very happy for you that you have an agent, and you know what? I really appreciate that you've shared your story with us. It was always a mystery to me how writers end up with a book in their hands instead of a stack of paper!

ORION said...

Hey! That's me! I recognize my name!
This really is true maprilynne, it's an evolution. Plus there is no TIME!!!

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, I am SO tickled that The Debutante Ball is on your "new stage" list! It's exactly why we started it. We hope to grow as our (your!) career grows and continue to bring pertinent, interesting content to writers at all stages of the roulette wheel that is the publishing industry.

Congratulations on this next step, and may your sale be swift and major!

As we say...

All best,
The Debutantes

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Good list; I read most of them too. It's the same with any kind of just regular blogs, or TV shows, or songs on the radio--sometimes we just want a change, or are just sick of watching episodes of people scantily-clad (yes, a cliche!) on an island trying to win fluffernutter.

Did they ever try to win that stuff? That would have been funny!

Aprilynne Pike said...

Hehe, the Debutantes came and posted on my blog. That's so cool.:)


Tyhitia Green said...

Hey Aprilynne,
I'm used to talking with you on AW, but thought I'd finally post since I no longer have to do it anonymously. I hope that I can evolve in that way soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me!