Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Better Late than Never!

I'm a few days late on this, but as I only get the regular Lunch from Publishers Marketplace, I had to wait a few days to get my own copy of Pat Wood's news. You all know her as Orion, so a big round of applause for Orion!!!

"Patricia Wood's LOTTERY, the story of a 32 year-old, mentally challenged man, whose life is forever changed when he wins 12 million dollars in the lottery, discovering who his true friends are and the deep reserve of his own abilities, to Peternelle Van Arsdale at Putnam, at auction, by Dorian Karchmar at William Morris Agency (NA).

Rights sold previously to Jason Arthur and Susan Sandon at Heinemann in the UK; Arena in Holland; Keter in Israel; and Sonzogno in Italy, in pre-empts."

Yea Pat!!!



ORION said...

How sweet of you! Thanks so much.
I am answering questions about my journey on my blog and giving new writers a glimpse into the process.
I am crossing my fingers to wish you a quick great sale!

Anonymous said...

Yup, auction time is rapturous. Hope you didn't have to wait for your agent's news with your cell phone turned off during a company's all-hand meeting! If I could draw a bouquet of red roses, would be happy to send them to you for your good fortune. Also, it's because you care -- from one writer to another.

And for Aprilynne: Just a big smile to hear your good news! Haven't been back here till tonight and -- whoa -- just like seeing fireworks after sunset. LOL. I once remarked that you're a prolific writer, and your mom seconded that. Yup. Mom knows best!

Therese said...

Hi--found you via Pat's blog, and want to congratulate YOU too, for landing an agent!

It's only been a year since I was celebrating similar news. And now I'm in Pat's boat, so to speak!

Best wishes for seeing you here in the boat very soon--

Aprilynne Pike said...

Thanks Therese, and congrats to you too!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Orion! That is exciting stuff!

Mapril- You are next! I can't wait!!