Saturday, January 13, 2007

Check this out!

Amazon finally got their act in gear and got the NYT bestseller's list up for this past week and check it out!

Stephenie's got both her books on there!

Whoo-hoo! Congrats Steph! If you haven't read both of these books, you should.



ORION said...

I took your side at!

Michelle Zink said...

I'll take your side, too!

Wait a minute. On what?

Man, that place is about as nutty as they come sometimes, eh?

Michelle Zink said...

All right.

NOW I took your side.

Because you're 100% right. That's why!

Aprilynne Pike said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I just get frustrated when people are like, "Sssh, don't ask your agent stupid questions!! Don't rock the boat; you'll be sorry."
Jodi and I have had a very casual relationship and I felt very comfortable asking her every question I listed.
And I'm not apologizing for that!;)


ORION said...

I emailed you -

I have had it with the adversarial nature of that site (writers net).
It is SO not productive.

Michelle Zink said...

The other thing I hate is when they start acting all high-and-mighty. The whole, "The agent works for ME" thing.

Yeah, true in a way, but it's absolutely more of a partnership than anything, just like you said Maprilynne. I just don't see how that relationship can be productive and enjoyable any other way.

And yes, I agree, Pat.

In fact, about a year ago (or something like that) a couple of the WN members left to start their own Board.

It's a private board, by invite only, and is not Googleable (which I appreciate as I get close to becoming published).

We have several published authors over them (at least one you'd definitely recognize) and it's very mellow and low-key.

On the down side (and I'm just bein' honest here!), there's VERY LITTLE challenging debate, but the upside is that it's a real safe haven, a place to chill and enjoy the company of other writers. It's very safe - people post photos of their kids, post their work in the Works in Progress forum, etc.

And there are plenty of "other" sites you can go to if you're in the mood for heated debate!

Anyway, if either or both of you would be interested in taking a look, email me and I'll have our administrator email you a link and password.

Aprilynne Pike said...
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