Friday, July 30, 2010

Just For Fun With Meg Cabot!

Okay, Meg Cabot has blogged some reader and author do's and don't's along with some hilarious foreign covers over here.

And if you don't want to do the clicky thing, here is one of the highlights!

"Saying, “I love your work” is super nice, and will make any author SO happy to hear.

Special note about saying “I’m your biggest fan.” Most author’s BIGGEST fan is probably her stalker, the person who insists all of her books are secretly coded messages written about him, and who says he’s coming to get her at her next signing, so she better watch her back. HE’S her biggest fan.

So when YOU say that, even though you mean it as a nice thing, what the author is probably thinking when she hears it is: “Actually, technically, no, you’re not my biggest fan. I have a restraining order against my biggest fan.”

So “I love your work!” is probably best."

*snort* I love it!!

Back to word writing!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As Promised!

68 Zillion bonus points to Adam Purple!

a) 1.72 meters
b) Yes, it would return to the 5 meter height.

And, uh, yeah, I'm just trusting this answer is right.:D

*goes back to writing fourth book of awesomeness*


Friday, July 23, 2010

Creative Thinking

My brother sent me an email the other day entitled, "How to Fail a Test With Dignity." It included a lot of . . . erm . . . creative but clearly wrong answers to test questions. However, this one was my favorite.

I have to tell you, I laughed and laughed! And I even considered forwarding it on, which, I have to tell you, I never do. (Yes, yes, chain letters, they always end with me. And I've suffered dozens of hideously monstrous death for it! *shiftyeyes*)

I certainly did not immediately think, Hmmm, this is a great metaphor for writing! But you have to admit, that is some creative thinking!

I have had a lot of questions about creativity thrown at me the last month or so, both in blog interviews and in real life. It's apparently a trend right now.:D Where does your creativity come from? (No clue.) Do you think you are more creative than non-writers? (Uh . . . no clue.) How do you come up with all these ideas? (Still . . . no clue. Are you seeing a theme here?)

Every author I know gets (and dreads) the question, "Where do you get your ideas?" After flippantly casting off the answer that I get my ideas at the idea store and if there's a sale I get two, I have to honestly say that I don't know. It's like asking trying to ask how I lift my arm. I don't know, I just . . . lift it . . .

I've also been thinking about creativity and ideas a lot lately because I am winding up the last novel in my series and then I will need to work on something new. It's a little scary to embark on a new project, especially a new series, because it has been so long since I plotted out the Wings series, I'm not sure I remember exactly how to do it. My hope it that it's like riding a bike.:D But who knows.

And I don't really have a conclusive ending to this blog entry, just a math problem with an elephant, some quandaries, and a shrug.


P.S. Sixty-eight ZILLION bonus points to the first person who can actually solve that question. Yanno, the RIGHT way.:D Just reading it made my brain hurt.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Book Four . . . Whoa!

I am back from vacation!! Yay! I had a really, really wonderful time and saw so many people I only get to see every couple of years, but, I have to tell you, by the time we got down to that last day of traveling, I was ready to get home!!! (To my lovely bookshelves . . . oh yessss, my preciousessssss!)

*koffkoff* Anyway . . . Not only am I back from vacation, it is working time. The time when I hunker down and write every day and pretty much say no to everyone. (Sorry in advance . . .)

And what am I working on? Wings Book Four.


No really! I am writing the last book of the series. I'm over fifty pages in, actually. It's a little weird. I've had this book in my head for about three and a half years now, and I wrote out my outline a couple weeks ago. The whole story. Every single important piece of it. I admit it was a little weird to see all the secrets I've been keeping, laid out in a word document. (The only non-publishing team person who knows what happens at the end of this series is my husband. Even my mother does not know . . . so don't ask.:D) It felt like I was cheating. Or revealing state secrets, or something.

So do I get to The End and then I'm done writing?

Absolutely not! I've had a lot of questions about what comes after Wings and my answer has generally been, "Something, but I just can't think that far ahead right now." Turns out it's about time to start thinking that far ahead! The Wings series has been an incredibly passionate, career-altering experience for me, but trust me, I'm not done yet. So here's a little sneak preview of what you can expect from me over the next . . . oh . . . five years (assuming, of course, that Harper still likes me when the Wings series is over.:D)

I have a non-Wings stand-alone tentatively slated to come out between Wings Books 3 and 4 about a human guy named Jeff. I'm still working through the plot of a series about a magical human girl named Candace, and I am about a third of the way through another stand-alone about a semi-human girl named Haley. More long term, I have a series and a duo that are doing some long-term simmering on the back burner. So yeah, you haven't seen the last of me, mwahahahahahaha!!!!

But for now, I am dictating the final fates of Laurel, David, and Tamani. Hehehehe.