Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Raven Boys Winner!

Wow, guys!! Thanks so much for entering my contest!! I don't think I've ever seen the comment numbers go up so fast! Clearly I picked the right ARC!:D

And without further delay, the winner of The Raven Boys ARC is Jessica Ring of Dark Stormy Nights!!!!!!

Jessica, please email me the following at aprilynne pike at gee mail dot com:

Complete Name

Again, super easy.:D

If I don't hear from you in three days I will pick another winner because I really want this ARC to go to a good home!!!

Thank you everyone for your entries and comments!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long Time No Blog!

Okay, so, I admit, it's been a while. Every year when release time comes around I promise myself I'll do better at blogging. I'll post pictures of my tour stops! I'll talk about feedback from fans! I'll give quotes from the book!

What really happens is that I have spotty internet, I forget to take pictures at all, and quotes, what quotes? And, on top of that, I usually get a round of revisions and find myself under deadline.:D

But you all still love me, right? Right?

Well, I have lots of fun stuff today and I'll be finishing up with a giveaway! So read until the bottom.:D

So I've been a little closed-mouthed about the books (yes, bookS) I have coming out next summer, but everything has been announced and now I can tell you about them!!!!

First off, LIFE AFTER THEFT. This is a stand-alone that many of you have been literally hearing about since 2006. No seriously. I started this book in 2006 and it was a finalist on Miss Snark's Crap-O-Meter just before I signed with Jodi. People, this is the book of my heart. It is the story of a klepto-ghost and the boy who can see her and is a retelling of The Scarlet Pimpernel. It is sassy and sarcastic and I seriously Love. This. Book. It will be coming out in May of 2013 and I hope you all love it half as much as I do!! I got to see a cover comp a couple weeks ago and it is so entirely perfect!!!! (Which is fabulous because authors rarely have much, if any, say on their covers even though it is the one thing that reader will sometimes judge the book on.) SO excited for this book!!!!

The other book is the first book of my new series and it just got announced last week, which was so very exciting!!! Because I'm still trying to come up with how to describe it, I'll just quote right from the announcement: "#1 NYT bestselling author Aprilynne Pike's EARTHBOUND, the first novel in a new series about a girl who discovers she's a fallen goddess and must choose between the boy that she loves in this life and the eternal lover with whom she'll be able to access the powers that are her birthright." So yay!!!! This one has much kissing and magic and danger, and running away, also kissing.:D (Seriously, one of my edits literally said, "How about we add a full-on make out session here." Oh, yes.:D) I got to see an early comp from this book just yesterday and ZOMG I am SO excited!!!! It is fabulously gorgeous and I hope it keeps it's awesomeosity (yes, that's totally a word) as it goes through the process from comp to final!!!!

So yeah, two books next summer and, tentatively, two books the summer after that too!!!

Okay, giveaway time. I went to BEA very briefly last week and because I was traveling, I didn't have room to pick up very many ARCs. But I did manage to get one of the last copies of Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys!! I know this ARC has been fairly high in demand this year, so as an apology for my INEXCUSABLE blog silence, I'm going to pass this one onto you guys!

Super easy rules, this contest is going to last a week since I suspect *koffkoff* some of you are not checking my blog very often since there has been no new content in ages. (I sowwy!!!!!) So comment and just say something like, "Uh, I'm, entering the contest." Super easy.:D This is an international contest, all are free to enter. Comment by midnight my time Monday, June 11th (JUNE 18th!  I meant June 18th!) and I'll announce the winner sometime next Tuesday. Sound good?


Go forth and enter.