Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tour Spotlight! Cincinnati, OH!!

I went to Cincinnati a couple of times when the Wings series was young, but I haven't been in a few years. I'm excited to go back!!

THE CITY: Cincinnati, OH

THE STORE: Joseph-Beth Book Sellers

Thevent is the YA Beach Blast, an annual event sponsored by Joseph-Beth's!!

What I remember most about the one time I have been to this store is that I was really tired, but we were an hour's drive away from my hotel and I assured my media escort that I would be fine. And I wandered off and found a bench with a padded seat and took a nap.:D I was fine.;) Nonetheless, I am excited to go back and to remember something other than a secret nap in a strange corner.


This is the only event for next week that I did not organize and invite all the authors. So several of them I've never met. So excuse the sparse bios below--I'm sure I will be able to write much more about them after I meet them!

Mindee Arnett:

Mindee is the author of The Nightmare Affair and she has pretty blue streaks!!!

Liz Coley:

Liz is the author of Pretty Girl 13 which I SO can't wait to read!!!

Julie Kagawa:

Julie is one of my fellow faerie authors!!!!! She is the creator of the hugely popular Iron Fey series and though I have had several close brushes, I haven't yet managed to meet her and I am super-excited to finally get that chance!

Kristina McBride:

Okay, I admit, I had a funny moment when I Googled for a picture of Kristina. I was like, um, there are a couple pf people here. I finally realized the other frequent face was Martina McBride. So let's be very clear on which one we have here. This is KRIStina McBride and she is the author of The Tension of Opposites, and One Moment. I don't know if she sings at all.;)

Saundra Mitchell:

Saundra is one of my bestest author friend ever and the main reason I was invited to do Beachy Reads at Jo Beth. So, yeah, it's her fault that I'm there. Saundra is the author of Shadowed Summer, The Elementals Trilogy, the upcoming Mistwalker, and the fab editor of the anthology Defy The Dark (which I have a story in!:D)


Ooooh-kay, I am totally going to bunt on this one. This tour stop is not of my making, and is not part of the Girls' Night Out Tour. But IF there are leftover cupcakes from the Charlotte, NC stop, and IF I have room for them in my carry-on bag, I will bring a few cupcakes from The Polka Dot Bakeshop with me to Cincinnati. And IF you mention having seen this news here on my blog, tell me at the signing and IF I have any cupcakes leftover, I will give you one. (I know that sounds like a lot of IF's, but I do intend to have about five.)


YA Beach Blast!
Saturday, August 3rd, 1:00 PM (NOTE THIS TIME!)
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
2692 Madison Road
Cincinnati OH 45208

Here is a link to Jo-Beth's Kids' Events including this one. 

I so hope to see you there!!! (And after five days in a row of events I hope I can still speak coherently.:D)


Friday, July 26, 2013

Tour Spotlight! Charlotte, NC!!

I've never been to Charlotte. I've never been to North Carolina. (I think.)

THE CITY: Huntersville, NC (Just outside of Charlotte.)

THE STORE: Birkdale Village Barnes and Noble

I SO hope this store is this pretty IRL! Do you see that white trim? Gorgeous!!! The only thing I know about this store is that it's close to where Carrie Ryan and Beth Revis live. I mean, do I NEED to know more than that? *wink* Also that it is run by a very nice woman named Judy. *nods*


Carrie Ryan:

Okay, so Carrie and I got to know each other about a year and a half before either of our books came out! She is one of the few authors who has been to my house (not that I mind, it just doesn't happen that often), and I seriously adore her like whoa. One of my favorite things to do when describing her Forest of Hands and Teeth series is to say, "Literary Zombie Novel. I kid you not." While best-known for that New York Times Bestselling series, Carrie is most recently the editor of the anthology Foretold and the MG Infinity Ring novel, Divide and Conquer.

Beth Revis:

Who has longer hair than me? Well, actually, a lot of people since I cut it two days ago . . . But even before! Yes! Beth Revis!!! New York Times Bestselling author, Beth, is the creator of the Across the Universe series!!Sci-fi fans, unite!!! I actually heard about how awesome Beth was as a person before I read her books and guess what!?!? She's a good writer too.;) Not only did Beth agree to come up and sign with Carrie and me, when I said, "What store should I go to? Who should I contact?" She said, "Oh, I'll do that." And that was pretty much the theme for this stop. I flailed about details and said, "What do I do?" and Beth replied, "Let me handle it." This tour stop is brought to you by Beth.

THE CUPCAKES: Polka Dot Bake Shop

This is the only bakery where I have not tasted the cupcakes. Yet. So we'll be adventurous together! I was really impressed by TPBS's daily offerings and I always like to support local businesses--even in someone else's locale! (And even though I decided not to order a dozen of them, I am going to pick up and try and Elephant Ear cupcake when I pick up the others! Wish I was there on Tuesday for the Caramel Apple cupcake!!!)

Friday Night's stop will feature Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Raspberry Swirl.

Friday, August 2, 7:00 PM
Birkdale Village Barnes and Noble
8725 Townley Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

Here is a link to their event page.

So come see us!!! Because, well, Beth worked really hard.:D


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tour Spotlight! Idaho Falls, ID!!

Now, don't knock it just because it's small and out of the way. I seriously blame this city for the week Wings hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

THE CITY: Idaho Falls, Idaho

THE STORE: Grand Teton Mall Barnes and Noble

This is one of the most Indie-like B&N's I've ever been too. Run locally by a manager and staff who really put their customers first! My parents used to live here and when Wings came out this B&N got behind it in a huge way! I am pretty sure no store has ever sold more copies of any of my titles as this store did of Wings. They seriously rock!

THE AUTHORS: A few familiar faces.

Natalie Whipple:

Author of Transparent and the upcoming House of Ivy and Sorrow, Natalie has agreed to road trip with me from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls! (Crazy girl!!) Super-pleased to have the pleasure of her company two nights in a row!

Jessica Day George:

The most prolific of us all, Jessica writes for both the YA and MG markets and has NINE books to her credit. Her most recent YA is the incredible Princess of the Silver Woods, and her latest (*ahem* New York Times bestselling) MG is Wednesdays in the Tower. So honored to have booked her at all, much less for two days.:)

Wendy Toliver:

(I thought this pic was so super cute!) Wendy is my friend of awesomeness who once got me into a group signing in Tooele, UT. Such favors take years to repay. *wink* Wendy is the author of the romantic comedies, Miss Match and The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren, as well as the novel Lifted which is super awesome and has a quote from an amazing author on the front of it. *Ahem* I have not managed to see Wendy in about two years now, so believe you me, I'll be even more excited to see her than you! Although you should be freaking over the moon.:D

THE CUPCAKES: The Cocoa Bean

Okay, brace yourself. Gushing is about to commence. This is my FAVORITE cupcake bakery on the face of the earth. Of. The. Earth. I love these cupcakes the way good mothers wished they loved their kids. If someone offered me a Cocoa Bean cupcake for my child, I might trade. (Depends on the kid and the day. *wink*)

I am one of those people who loves flavors and fillings. So, for example, if I have a choice of vanilla ice cream and chocolate that has more things in it than they have room to list on the menu, I am SO going to choose the latter. So I want you to understand how serious I am when I say that the Cocoa Bean's Madagascar Vanilla-Vanilla cupcake may be the greatest cupcake every created.

Plus, it's pretty.

Yes, this bakery gets TWO pictures. It is that wonderful.

Thursday night's signing will feature Madagascar Vanilla-Vanilla, Fluffer Nutter, and Better Than Whatever cupcakes.

I am having a vanilla one.:D Maybe a Fluffer Nutter as well . . . Okay fine, I'm probably having one of each.:D (And then I will be very sick that night since I generally don't eat wheat. . . It will be worth it! Plus, sugar buzz for the late night drive back to SLC. See? Everyone wins!)


Thursday, August 1, 6:30 PM (NOTE THIS TIME!!!)
Grand Teton Mall B&N
2300 East 17th Street Suite #1101
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Here is a link to their event page. 

I am actually worried that I may not have ordered enough cupcakes . . . so get there on time! Cupcakes for the first 72 people! (Yes, this little town in Idaho does, in fact, bring out that many people. That is why they rock!!! Last time I was there I signed until 15 minutes after closing . . . thus the earlier time.:)) 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tour Spotlight! Salt Lake City, UT!!

I don't live in Utah. I know a lot of people think I do. But I don't. But I used to, and all my family still do. So I make it up to Utah a lot. But never before with cupcakes!!!

THE CITY: Salt Lake City, UT

THE STORE: Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble

Isn't it beautiful! I went to the Sugarhouse B&N three years ago when Spells came out and they were so lovely and told me to come back any time. When I was arranging this stop I called in and they still have the same manager and they told us to come on by! So we will!!! It's quite a big store that stocks a lot of titles, so come early and do some browsing.


Brodi Ashton:

Super-popular author of Everneath and Everbound, Brodi and I met almost two years ago and share a publisher and have never managed to do a signing together. Next Wednesday this will ALL CHANGE!!!:D

Jessica Day George:

Looking all noir in black and white (she is colorful IRL) Jessica is a newly-minted New York Times Bestseller known for both her YA and Middle grade novel including the "Princess of"books, The Dragon Slipper books, and the Tuesdays at the Castle series. Also a book with astronomy and weather. I'm not going to try it.;) Jessica is busier than me.

Natalie Whipple:

Another beautiful red-head (I know, you can't tell Jess is a ginger, but she IS!) Natalie is a brand-new debut and I have been counting down to her release of Transparent since she got her book deal! (Which was almost three years ago!) I am so excited to finally be able to sign with her. (Ya'll Natalie came to my signings four years ago. She is an angel!)

THE CUPCAKES: One Sweet Slice

Do I need to disclaim that my cousin works here? Yes, no? Well, I want to anyway. My cousin works here!! Sixteen year old guy. Man enough to bake cupcakes. Oh yes, he rocks. (He's single! And cute! . . . oh yes, the cupcakes.) Earlier this month my cousin (it's about the cupcakes! Be patient!) brought a box of cupcakes to our family reunion. They were incredifabulicious!! And gorgeous besides! My search for a cupcake bakery in SLC was over!

The Sugarhouse stop will feature Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, and Nutella cupcakes. You do not want to miss these cupcakes! . . . . Er, these authors. And their books.

And their sweet, sweet cupcakes. *Ahem*


Wednesday, July 31st, 7:00 PM
Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble
McIntyre Center
1104 East 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

HERE is a link to their event site.  I probably ordered too many cupcakes . . . so come and prove me wrong!!:D


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tour Spotlight! Peoria, AZ, Barnes and Noble!

For those of you who live in Phoenix (who live in my neighborhood!!!) and don't want to drive 45 minutes to the East Side for my signings, it's YOUR turn!

THE CITY: Peoria, AZ.

THE STORE: The Arrowhead Barnes and Noble!

THE Barnes and Noble of the Glendale/Peoria area, this B&N is just across the way from Arrowhead mall. (It's also in the same plaza as Baskin-Robbins. Just sayin'.) I've never done a signing here, though I often go in and sign stock. This is also the first store where I'm going to see my FLOOR DISPLAYS!!! No, no, not excited about that at all. This will be a less formal signing than the ones I generally do at Changing Hands. Just me, a table, and cupcakes. You can show up for five minutes, get your book signed, and leave. Or you can sit and chat with me for thirty minutes. It's all up to you.

But seriously, it's my first signing at this store and I'm nervous!! Come see me!


Oh hai. Iz me.

Yes. Just me. This is the only solo signing I am doing the entire week! So I'm by myself, at a new store, and  . . . and . . . I will be lonely if you don't come!!! So, yeah. Come see me. And get a cupcake.

Which leads me to . . .


Again, from Sprinkles because . . . well . . . Sprinkles is awesome!!! Because there are going to be a lot of walk-in people just walking by, I am reserving cupcakes for people with Earthbound. But if you have it on your eReader, you're good! If you are sharing your copy with your sister and your mom, all three of you get one! I promise, I will be liberal with the cupcakes, I'm just not giving one to everyone who passes by my table.:D

So come and get a cupcake! Red velvet, vanilla, and dark chocolate!


Tuesday, July 30, 6:00 PM.
7685 West Bell Road
Peoria, AZ 85382

Here is the link to the event. (Their website says 7:00 but they told me 6:00. I'll be there at 6:00.:D)

Come see me!!! :D


Monday, July 22, 2013

Tour Spotlight! Tempe, AZ, Changing Hand Bookstore!

Consider this next week's worth of entries your one-week warning.:) For the next six days I will be highlighting the tour locations I'll be going to next week. So if you live close to one of these locations, or know someone who does, spread the word!!

THE CITY: Tempe, Arizona! 

THE STORE: Changing Hands Bookstore!

This was actually the very first store I ever did a signing at back when Wings was a BB, and I have launched every single book there since! Changing Hand has an amazing staff that will bend over backwards to help readers and authors alike! I adore them! And, because they are SO awesome, if you come Monday night you can get your copy of EARTHBOUND one day early. Yay!!!!:D

THE AUTHORS: On this leg of the Girls' Night Out Tour we have two other super-fun Arizona authors.

Suzanne Young:

Isn't she pretty? :D Suzanne is the author of several novels including the Naughty List series, A Want So Wicked, A Need So Beautiful, and her most recent, The Program (which I DEVOURED!!!!)

Janette Rallison:

Janette is the author of a bajillion books (yes, that's a real number) including, but not limited to: My Fair Godmother, my UNfair Godmother, Just One Wish, My Double-Life as well as the Slayers series under her pseudonym, CJ Hill. Most recently she released Erasing Time.

THE CUPCAKES: Monday Night's Cupcakes will be brought to you by Sprinkles Bakery in Scottsdale!
One of the original names in the big cupcake craze, Sprinkles is still considered the gold standard in cupcakes. Also, my second favorite bakery in the whole freaking world. (My favorite is coming up on Thursday.;)

Monday Night's event will feature Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, and Red Velvet.


Monday, July 29th 7:00 PM
Changing Hands Bookstore
6428 S McClintock Dr 
Tempe, AZ 85283

HERE is the link to Changing Hands' event page. Hope to see lots of you there!!!!


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Shortest Entry Ever!!! Winner!!!

I drove for eleven hours today. This will be a short entry.

Thank you EVERYONE for sharing your fears for the DEFY THE DARK contest!! It was equal parts fascinating and horrifying to read about your worst fears. Things I hadn't even thought of!!! (And am now afraid of. Thaaaaanks.;))

But there can be only one winner and it is:


Who, I admit, appealed to my vanity.
"In addition, the thought of NOT winning this ARC is petrifying!"

Well, we wouldn't want you to go another day petrefied that you didn't win the ARC because you DID!!!:D

Heidi, please email me at aprilynne pike at gee mail dot com with your address and how you would like each of the book personalized and I will get them right in the mail to you!!!

Thank you everyone for sharing!!!!!