Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Love My Agent.

She responds quickly, gives me honest feedback, reminds me how much she loves my stuff, answers all my questions . . . yanno, all the stuff agents are supposed to do.:)




Michelle Zink said...

Hi, Maprilynne -

This is M. Lee from WN.

Congrats on your great news!

I think it must be a Writers House credo, because I'm consistently blown away by the responsiveness and level of professionalism my psuedo-agent demonstrates.

Every single time he calls or I get an email, I'm reminded why I like working with him so much.

Good luck, and I'll check in from time to time to keep up on your progress!


ORION said...

OK is this an agent Love Fest?
I adore my DK from WM!
A really good agent always responds.
She lets me know when she's out of the office and takes me seriously when I say call anytime when there is good news!
I LOVE those 5 am calls!

Michelle Zink said...

LOL, Pat!

I'm waiting for word on my latest revisions so I'd KILL for a call at any time of the day or night right now!

Seriously. Aaaaany time. Day. Or. Night.

Congrats on your amazing news as well!

Anonymous said...

So exciting to follow along on what's going on! Does this mean that packages might be going out next week to editors? Fingers crossed!!!

Aprilynne Pike said...

"Does this mean that packages might be going out next week to editors?"

Possibly. And if not, almost definitely the week after. One of the nice things about doing pretty much all of your revisions before signing is that there's not much to do afterward but send it out!:)

I should have news by the end of the day or Tuesday at the latest. (Monday's a holiday.)


Michelle Zink said...

Keep us posted!

ORION said...

zinkpb -
Do you have a blog???

Aprilynne Pike said...

"zinkpb -
Do you have a blog???"

I was wondering the same thing.


Michelle Zink said...

No! Sadly, my puny powers of focus are all trained on my books (five in the past two years!).

But I just saved a tone of money on my car insurance!

JK - My website is being developed by a relative right now, so... hopefully soon.

And guess what? I heard from Mr. Wonderful, Perfect, I-Worship-Thee Agent last night.

I'm in the home stretch, but not QUITE as far along as you Maprilynne. About three more weeks.

So I'm still going to live vicariously for the next couple of weeks, kay?

BTW - where do you guys post most of the time, AW? I'm mostly on a private board, but you guys seems so great maybe I'll mosey over sometime...

Aprilynne Pike said...

"And guess what? I heard from Mr. Wonderful, Perfect, I-Worship-Thee Agent last night. "

Hooray! Best of luck on this last stretch. I hope everything works out perfectly for you!


Sharon Maas said...

Hello there!
It is indeed an agent-love-in.
I adore my Writers House agent, Emily Saladino; like Marilynne said about hers, she is responsive and always friendly and she seems to have her finger exactly on the pulse of my novel. Every suggestion she has made for improvement has been right on.
Just before the holidays she sent one more little suggestion for tightening up - and I've just got word back that she loves the result.
So, like you, it looks like a submission next week.
I've just figured out a little more of how blogger works, and ironed out a few things I've been having problems with. I just might transport some of my LJ posts - theones to do with writing - over here.

Patry Francis said...

I hear a lot of complaints about agents, but mine is awesome, too!