Sunday, February 26, 2012

Contest Winners Redux

Hope everyone enjoyed the little sneak peeks at Destined yesterday!

A little housekeeping--we have two Valentine's Day contest winners who I haven't heard from:

Michelle Madden and mama23boys

Michelle, I saw your comment but I never received your email! If either of you had trouble with the gmail address, you might try sending your info to author [AT]

And for the rest of you... can I just say I love living in Arizona? We had several birthday parties yesterday and the weather outside was just lovely. Like, 77 degrees. I love it here. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012


We're having #DESTINEDDay over at my Twitter.

Just sayin'.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I love announcing winners. I mean really, how fun is a blog entry where you simply get to tell people, "Hey, you get stuff!!!" :D

Okay, many 330 entries. I am blown away!!!! I wish I had 330 ARCs to give away!!! I do have two though!

Here goes!

First place winners will get an ARC of Destined and Valentine's goodies:

Kelsie Kresta and Mary Bess

Second place winners will get a set of custom Wings series soap and lotion plus goodies:

Michelle Madden and Sami Marie

And third place winners who will get Valentine's goodies are:

mama23boys, casper131979, Madelin, Ivy of IvyReads, JennaClow, and Brea Bee

Congratulations to all the winners and THANK YOU for helping to spread the Wings love!!! For those who didn't win, I'm sorry I don't have prizes for everyone, but thank you SO MUCH for supporting this series and the release really is just around the corner!!!

*Winners, if you want to claim your prizes you NEED to email me at aprilynne (nospace) pike at gee mail dot com with the following information:

Name, First and Last

And of course, all info gets deleted as soon as I mail stuff and I won't share it with anyone. *wink*

Thank you again everyone for participating!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, February 08, 2012

DESTINED ARC Contest!!! Share the LOVE!!!

I'm alive! I really am!! I'm been revising two books and I'm afraid that keeps me super busy. But don't worry! I haven't forgotten you all!!!

Destined is set to launch in just less than THREE MONTHS!!! I can hardly believe it!!! And it is that time of year again.

Valentine's Day!!! Every year since 2009 I have had a contest around Valentine's Day for one of my ARCs and I certainly can't close out the series without continuing the tradition!

(Clickie for biggie)

But this year, I'm upping the prizes.

2 First Prizes= An ARC of DESTINED plus a Valentine's treat bag!

3 Second prizes= A set of Wings custom soaps and lotion plus a Valentine's treat bag (I'll bag them separately so your candy doesn't taste like soap, LOL!)

5 3rd prizes= Valentine's treat bags!:D

Entering is very simple. Just share the Wings series love. Somewhere. Twitter, Facebook, school, at the library, wherever. Tell someone how much you love the Wings series. I don't need a link, or proof, or anything like that, because, ultimately, this contest--especially at the close of the series--isn't about sales, it's about the Wings series. How much I love it and, hopefully, how much you love it too. So leave a comment, tell me you spread the Wings love (you don't even have to tell me how--honor system *wink*) and you're entered.

You must enter by midnight (my time . . .uh . . . MST at the moment--AZ doesn't do DST, so it changes) on Valentine's Day and I will announce winners on February 15.

Easy peasy!!! Go spread the love!!!!!


P.S. If you want to spread the love in pictorial form, you can find jpegs of all the books and covers and etc. at