Monday, January 22, 2007

I am so Tired!

I just sent my--hopefully--last (I know I said that last time) revision off to Jodi and Man! I am beat! It's hard to explain how tiring doing revisions can be--especially in a very emotional section like the one I am working on right now. I typed up my e-mail, attached my file, and hit send. Then there was a huge sigh of relief. Whew!

I write because I love to write--don't get me wrong. But revising and polishing? That's a whole different thing. I don't know a single writer (except maybe Pat who loves everything;)) who loves every step of the writing and publishing process. First draft? Oh yeah! It's like teen aged love. You have the biggest crush on this story and it just makes you giddy to write it. But as you moved onto editing and polishing--and even more so when you start editing and polishing with someone else--it's more like marriage or a very-long term relationship. You still love the book--more than ever, really. But now there's kids, and a mortgage, and different schedules and a job, etc. And it becomes work.

Worthwhile work.

And every revisions make sit better and makes you even more glad you started the whole process to begin with.

I love my book.

But boy, it wears me out!



Kenny said...

I thought you said you were going to send them tomorrow :-P

brian_ohio said...

Have a drink on me.

I enjoy revising much more than the first draft. That first draft scares me... what if characters go in the wrong direction? What if the ending I wanted isn't possible? Ah, but going back and reading it is wonderful... especially if it came out the way I had envisioned it.

Hope you have lots of interest and plenty of offers for your book.

Is it YA, fantasy... I'm just curious.

Michelle Zink said...

So true.

Being that I'm in my fourth month of revisions with my agent, I feel your pain!

But hang in there - it's all to get you the best deal possible...

I expect to hand in my (hopefully last!) revisions next week, so we shouldn't be too far off on submission.

We can stress together!

Aprilynne Pike said...

"We can stress together!"

Oh good, just what i need-- a stress buddy!;)

BTW, Brian, it is an adult fantasy, not to confused with the YA I posted the first chapter for a week or so ago. That is a different project all together.

And Kenneth . . . *Raspberry* You can ask me about that one when you get home.:)


ORION said...

You guys are going to be great.
This is Pat.
Embrace the process.
Enter the zen of revision.

Aprilynne Pike said...

Go Pat!!!