Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Alive!!!!:D

*taps microphone*

Hello? Hello? Is anyone still here? Is anyone still bothering to follow me?

Yes? A few of you? Yay!

Sorry for the extremely long bout of radio silence. Book release season just seems to get crazier and crazier! And for my solo tour I traveled with my infant daughter so any free time I might have had, well, she eated it.:D

I have been so SO extremely excited with everyone's reaction to ILLUSIONS. It is a really special book to me and it's been fun to see fans embrace it too. It came out and managed to get a spot on the very competitive series New York Times Bestsellers list soa belated thank you for that! And for every single fan, new and old, who came out to any of my events, thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are the ones who make these tours possible! I am so very grateful to every one of you who have helped to make this series such a success. One more book and I promise I'll stop torturing you.

Of course, I have a new series I'm working on that will be just as torturous, bwahahahaha!!!


Ready for randomness???

*So I left for six days for the Dark Days of Supernatural tour on June 9 and when I came back it was seriously summer in Phoenix! I now have a warm pool, a rather nice tan, and have to go on much shorter runs in the morning lest I die of heatstroke. And you know what? I still love living here. Desert Rat to the end, I guess.

*My baby got her first tooth yesterday! The event was memorialized by her waking up about four times during the night before.

*We have long-term houseguests! A friend of the family is doing an internship down here and he and his wife and son are staying with us. He plays games with my husband, she cleans my mirrors and does dishes, and their son entertains my hurricane child. WIN!

*I am finishing up line edits on Wings4 and OMG ya'all, not to toot my own horn or anything, but man this is a good ending!! (Okay, I guess that totally comes under tooting my own horn.) Nevertheless, I am so stoked for this book!!!

*I am also starting work on my next series. I spoke with my agent about the first several chapters today and she told me the angst and longing are working. Whoo-hoo!!!

*I need more sleep.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where's Aprilynne

Every year, usually right after my tour, I have people email me and say, "Are you EVER coming to [Place I just Went]." And, sadly, after I go somewhere, I'm probably not going back there for a year at the least, and often several. So this blog entry is going to stay at the top of the blog and you'll need to scroll down to check for new content.

Please come and see me!!!!!!:D (Times may change! Check back to be sure!)

May 2- Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale, AZ: 7:00 PM (*They will have early copies)
May 3- Changing Hands, Tempe, AZ: 7:00 PM (With LISA MCMANN!!!!!!!)
May 5- Vroman's, Pasadena, CA: 7:00 PM
May 6- Barnes and Noble, Idaho Falls, ID: 7:00 PM
May 7- The King's English, Salt Lake City, UT: 2:00 PM
May 9- Dark Horse Books, Driggs, ID: 6:00 PM
May10- Twin Falls Public Library, 4:00 PM
Barnes and Noble, Twin Falls, ID: 7:00 PM
May 27-28- Phoenix Comic-Con, Phoenix, AZ: All Day
June 4- Utah Festival of Books, Provo, UT: All Day
June7- Anderson's, Naperville (Chicago area), IL: 7:00 PM
June 8- Barnes and Noble, Portland, OR: 7:00PM
June 9- Book People, Austin, TX: 7:00 PM
June 10- Changing Hands, Tempe, AZ: 7:00 PM
June 11- Schuler, Lansing, MI: 7:00 PM

You can find full details HERE . . . eventually.:D

I'll update as I go along! *shameless plug* Tell you friends, family, dogs, enemies, etc. to come!!!!:D