Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book Four!

I am SO excited to finally be able to let you guys know that the fourth and final book in the Wings series will be called:


I am sososo excited for this fourth book and the title is just so fitting! Luckily, Amazon.uk listed Destined a little early so I got to officially tell you the title just a bit sooner than I expected.

Before you ask, I don't have cover art yet, but I expect that next month--early November at the latest.

(Also, in case anyone is worried, yes, I do realized that Destined is also the name of the new House of Night book that is coming out this fall and that is the reason it has taken so long to announce. But the sales and marketing people finally decided that our books are so different--not to mention coming out six months apart--that there would be minimal confusion. I'm really, really excited they let me keep the title because, seriously, it just works so well with the whole book!)

In other exciting news, I finished the first draft of the first book in my new series today!!!! I still have several weeks of editing to do before it's even ready to go to my editor for approval, but it still feels like a big step and make me super happy today!