Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick!

Our house should be quarantined! We are all in various states of sickness, except my son who seems to have gotten through the whole epidemic just fine. Kenny actually skipped school yesterday (which NEVER happens) and my daughter has been coughing all night for the last three nights. So what do I do?

I make chocolate cookies!

I'm such a good mom. *rolls eyes*

But hey, I also made a really good batch of curry and I think that cleared everyone's sinuses a little.;)

I was only sick for about a day and a half, but as the mom, when anyone is sick, it's like you're sick too. But we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Kenny and Audrey are both back in school today, and Gideon is definitely on the mend. That makes me happy.

I've been feeling rather somber of late . . . for a lot of reasons. I think it mostly settled upon me after Saturday when I signed my contract. I never intended to have a career. Even the writing I've done the last few years has always been on the side. Now I have a contract for four books. Which is really great, don't get me wrong! But the level of commitment I've signed myself into seems very real now. I just signed to basically work for Harper Collins for no less than the next five years. Awesome, but sobering, none the less.

My daughter is starting first grade in the fall. We are skipping her though kindergarten, seeing as how she's been reading since she was three. It's a little saddening to see my baby grow up though. And I worry about our decision sometimes. I don't worry that we are making the wrong decision for her, we thought long and hard about it. But I hope that she will agree that it was the best decision in the future. She's so tall and smart--she's not a baby anymore.

And, speaking of babies, I have a very special, though sadly estranged, friend who had a baby last week. I'm surprised at how sorry I am that I can't send a gift. I wish I could.

And lastly, Kenny and I have decided to change our plans for the future. I'll explain more when plans are more concrete, but suffice it to say, it's a big, big change that my husband got cold feet about a few weeks ago, but has now solidly committed to. I'm so, SO excited that we are doing it, but it puts me in a role in our marriage that I've never occupied before. And that's a little scary. I'm ready, but that doesn't mean I'm not a little anxious.:)

So having rather mixed feelings today, but I feel better sorting them out and writing them down . . . I guess that's why I'm a writer.:)



JKB said...

Don't worry about your hubs...although I'm glad he's finally committed to something you care so much about.

Don't worry either about your would be far worse had she learned that not applying herself was the rule. You're absolutely right to put her where she can be challenged. I doubt she'll ever be against it. But let's just wait and see, hmmm?

And lastly, I thnk I can understand that commitment thing. You're doing the only thing you can, though. Write the book, write write write, and everything will be okay.

Your super fan from Germany. :)

Kiersten said...
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Maprilynne said...

Thanks JKB. Hehe, I have a super fan. Yay!:)

Kiersten, I am off to several events today, but will pop over and look at your query tomorrow!

Kiersten said...


Renee Collins said...

I can imagine all that you must be feeling right now. As a stay at home mom, I often wonder what it would really mean if all my dreams came true. (alas, for me they are still dreams)
But, you are doing something incredible. Something that your kids will cherish when they get older.
It might be a balancing act for you for the next while, but you'll do great. Besides, balancing acts are what women do best!

Kiersten said...

You're the best! Thanks so much. I deleted my comment because that blog is more of a personal one, and I don't want a lot of traffic. You, of course, are welcome, since I visit yours every day ; )

LindaBudz said...

Maybe you should send a gift anyway and see what happens?

Travis & Leslie said...

I had no idea your daughter and mine were the same age! Don't worry about keeping her out of kindergarten; she could have been bored the entire time!!! I can't believe how many kids in Tillie's class didn't even know their ABC's or how to write their own stinkin name!!!

Congrats again on the book deal; lots of hard work ahead but it will be worth it in the end!

Never fun to have an estranged "anybody"! So that's always a bummer.

By the way... how's your sister?! I haven't seen her (or you for that matter) for sheesh, 5 years or more!!

Travis & Leslie said...

HEHE!! My kids pick out what goes in their Easter Baskets too!!

Kari Pike said...

And then family comes and invades your house! thanks for the warm welcome and for being such a wonderful hostess.

Maprilynne said...

Thanks all. Sorry I haven't gotten to your comments . . . we've continued being sick, Kenny especially. Whew!

It is a balancing act, and most days I do quite well (if I do say so myself:)) but I do have days like Thursday, when I feel a touch off-kilter. I'm back on though.

Linda, I thought about that, but the point would be to spread joy, not stress, and a gift would be ill-received and very stressful. So I'm sending good thoughts instead and hoping one of those new baby smiles is for me.:)

tomdg said...

Well, it's a lot less of a commitment than becoming a parent :) if that helps ... Apart from anything else, you can't take sick days from being a parent, as my wife keeps telling me :(

My eldest (5) has an August birthday, so if he'd been born two weeks later, he'd have been in the year below at school. He's also an amazing reader. I'm really glad he's in the year he is, for all the reasons you say. Yes, he has issues due to being the youngest in the class (mainly behavioural) but I'm sure it's the right place; and I'm sure you know your daughter well enough to know if it's the same for her. Good for you :)

And yum yum, curry is just the thing for a cold.