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Apparently Welcomes Caitlin Kittredge!

Welcome Caitlin! I’m so excited to have you here. Caitlin has actually been an inspiration to me for almost two years and you’ll find me touting her praises on occasion in my blog. Her debut novel Night Life was released earlier this week and I was lucky enough to get a spot on her blog tour!

So without further ado, here’s Caitlin!

Me: Okay, first off, we all know you adore your agent, Rachel Vater, could

you give us an abbreviated version of how you hooked up with her?

Caitlin: A friend suggested I query Rachel, and I sent her my full manuscript
after she read my query and requested it (and she blogged about it,
which was quite exciting!) About a week later she called me and said
that she loved the book, and wanted to represent me. I knew I was
pretty much going to say yes, but I let all the other agents reading the
book know, and then the next day I accepted Rachel's offer. About a
month later, she sold the Nocturne City series at auction, in a
three-book deal. I definitely made the right choice.

Me: And speaking of Rachel, she switched agencies recently. This is

something that a lot of authors dread, but it seems to have worked out
beautifully for you. Could you share how you and Rachel handled this

Caitin: Rachel is my agent and where she goes, I go for the forseeable future,
because she's fabulous. She cares about her clients above all and I
never felt like my career was precarious while she was transitioning,
which is a huge thing.

Me: You were a contributor to an anthology that actually hit the NYT

bestseller's list it first week out . . . a couple of months before your
debut novel came out! How did that feel to be a NYT Bestseller before
your book came out?

Caitlin: It felt insane! My editor called to let me know that /My Big Fat
Supernatural Honeymoon/ had gone on the NYT list and I was all, "WHAT
DID YOU SAY?" It was amazing to be a part of something that just
skyrocketed like that, and to be included with fabulous authors like Jim
Butcher, P.N. Elrod and Lilith Saintcrow. I had a huge grin on my face
all day.

Me: And on to your book, could you give us a short summary of your book,
Night Life?

Caitlin: Night Life is the story of Luna Wilder, a homicide detective who's
also a werewolf. She struggles with the two halves of herself, and then
gets thrust into the center of a series of ritualistic murders. When
things can't get any worse, she starts to think the werewolf she's
falling for might be the killer, and then uncovers a huge conspiracy
involving demons that costs her her job and almost her life. But if I
told you how she got out of it all, that'd be cheating!

Me: And how about your heroine, Luna? Love her? Wish you were like her?

Caitlin: Luna is driven, aggressive, and very flawed emotionally from being
turned into a werewolf and nearly date-raped by her boyfriend when she
was fifteen. She has a hard time trusting anyone and doesn't allow for
much gray in her morality, which makes her difficult, to say the least!
So no, I don't really wish I was like her...she's very prickly! I do
love her, though. She's like the kickass best friend every girl should
have in their corner. She also has a deep sense of justice and a soft
heart she doesn't want you to see. Luna has a lot of work to do on
herself, and when Night Life starts out, she doesn't realize the
consequences of her pushing everyone around her away. Over the course
of the story, though, she meets a few people who help her change her mind.

Me: What is your favorite part about being a published Novelist?

Caitlin: Getting paid to write the books I'd be writing anyway! Just kidding.
Knowing that people are reading my stories, and that my words are out
there in the world. It's an enormously satisfying feeling. I love my

Me: What surprised you about the publishing world?

Caitlin: Two things: the speed of my deal (I'd heard it could take months or
years), and how willing most people in the UF/paranormal romance
community are to help each other out. I've met so many authors who
offered advice or support, blurbs or promotional opportunities. It
bowled me over. We write in a great genre that has a wonderful sense of

Me: And last but not least, something really crazy about yourself that has
nothing to do with writing.:)*

Caitlin: Well...the craziest thing I ever ATE was a boiled chicken heart in
Japan. I like food, so that's important to me. I've had some crazy
jobs, too...I worked as a psychic reader at one point, and also as a Hot
Dog on a Stick girl (if you've never seen one of them, they wear
teeny-tiny shorts and humiliating hats. I lasted about two weeks.)

Me: *snicker* I’m sure we’d all love to have seen that . . . and taken blackmail photos! Thanks for stopping by, Caitlin, and Caitlin’s books, Night Life, and the anthology, My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon can be purchase at Amazon or a bookstore near you.;)


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