Thursday, November 16, 2006


Revisions are in. Whew!

*Big Sigh*

Now we get to wait again.:)



LadyBronco said...

I think everything will go well for you.

*My fingers are crossed tho, just in case!*

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

At this point you might want to email other agents -- those really high on your list, not all -- and tell them the story. This agent here is going to agree to represent you, in all likelihood, given the fact of how much time she's been willing to spend to work with you.

Last, take this exhilaration and amplify it ten times then you know what it feels like the minute she calls you and says, 'Hun, are you sitting down? I've got this terrific news for you. . . .'

Maprilynne said...

Hey Anon 3:08!

Oh, man, that sounds like a great moment!! (Have you had that moment? You sound like you're speaking from experience)

And if I had anyone higher on my list than Jodi, I would e-mail other agents and try to get some interest going . . . but I don't. She's number one on my list.:)

That's also a great feeling.

I'm just crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong at this point . . . cuz I think I'm pretty much there.

I think.:)

Anonymous said...

Relax! It's the time to feel joy not stress. She wouldn't say, 'After reading your revision, I think it's a great story, but, unfortunately, I just don't feel that it's for me. Again it's a matter of personal opinion; other agents might find it a lovely story that has a great ending.' Trust me. You've got this one in your pocket (this try, not the agent).

LOL... yeah. Been to the top of the mountain after been buried in the dumpster for so long I forgot that the sky was blue. If you want to read my rambling account, sure. I'd share it with you and others once I get this project finished (day-job project -- yuck!).

Maprilynne said...

Would love to read that! This is a long way coming too.:)

ORION said...

I enjoy your posts and consider you another sane voice of reason on the AW site.
BTW I met Jodi last year at the Maui retreat and conference -she was beyond nice. Dan L. was there this year. It was fun for me this year as even though Dan rejected my full - a month later I was picked up by DK at WM. I was able to thank him in person and tell him I was represented by her. That is always fun to do!!!!
Maprilynne - relax - take your time with the edits - it will only improve your work and you will learn a lot- my baby is now going out into that cold cold world to be shopped as we speak.
It is always a waiting game.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Already?!! Good job and good luck! Exciting stuff. We are totally celebrating when the news comes! Even if I have to come pick you up! Love ya! KC

Maprilynne said...

Congrats! I'd love o hear how that goes for you!
And thanks for stopping by.:)

Anonymous said...

Rock on! I'd say this bodes very well.