Saturday, November 25, 2006

What Kind of Business is This?

So, as most if not all of you have discovered, there's nothing to read online this week. Everyone in the publishing industry is gone. There is little to no news, no new posts (occasional ones by Miss Snark--thank you Miss Snark!) So I have nothing to do . . . well, except cook and clean for like three days straight.

I had some fun Thanksgiving adventures. It was also my anniversary, so my hubby and I had homemade enchilads on Wednesday night and I also made homemade vanilla pudding from scratch. (It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.) So that was fun. I also made four pumpkin pies and two grapefruit meringue pies (long story). And when I make pies I make them totally from scratch. Meaning I brought the pumpkin in from my porch as step one. No cans in my kitchen.:)

I do have a little bit of writing news. I recieved a request for the full from Lucienne. So even though I most likely will not do anything with it, (but I'm holding onto it for another week or so just in case) I was very complimented to recieve the request. Plus it made me feel a little more confident.

So despite feeling totally cut off from the publishing world, I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my husband's best friend's family (he's also my kids' godfather) and have had company every day after. It's been a great break.

Hope your holidays were equally fulfilling!!!



ORION said...

So do you compulsively go from blog to blog and surf AW like I do? I can waste hours. It's time to get back to work! Well maybe tomorrow...
Grapefruit meringue. That does sound interesting.
Here in Hawaii we have something here similar to grapefruit called Pomelo or jabong, Grapefruit on steroids and a bit sweeter.
I'll have to try using it.
Back to WIP.
Why aren't you sending your full out?

Maprilynne said...

Yes I do!:)
Sunday, when AW was down, I had nothing to do. I was so bored. On top of that, I was sick as a dog (too much pasta salad that was just a little too old) and so it was just a miserable day.
The grapefruit meringue turned out awesome!!! Seriously, it was so good.

Why aren't I sending the full out? Because I think I have an agent . . . maybe? And the more pressing reason is that my printer is out of toner. Gotta work on that.


ORION said...

Ahhh. Writers house. Right?
You have sent your revisions and are waiting to hear? Did she give you a time line?
It is not too unusual to work with an agent for a bit before they sign you. The problem is if it drags on for months and you are basically in limbo.
I was lucky - most of my fulls went out electronically - and now my agent and I work exclusively via email.
Well I am thinking good thoughts for you!