Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Order of the Phoenix

Okay, I was browsing some blogs and came across Jack Roberts' (from AW) and he had this link to a four minute preview of the fifth Harry Potter Movie.


Now, I have to admit, I think OotP was the low point in the Harry Potter series, but this trailer looks awesome! And check it out, they have Helena Bonam-Carter playing Bellatrix LeStrange! Since Bella shows up in books 5, 6, and almost undoubtedly 7, that means we'll get to see her a lot! She's one of my favorite actresses ever.

Anyway, check it out; it looks like it will be really cool. Also, they have another new director who made all the guys cut their hair. Hooray!!! No more mops!!! And let me tell you, without a ton of hair on his face, Daniel Radcliffe has Michelle Pfeiffer-esque cheekbones. Whoa. Seriously, the haircuts alone give me a boost of confidence in this director.



ORION said...

That was WAY cool. I am so much a Harry Potter fan.

Anonymous said...

I agree the OOTP was a low point for the series. It was like Harry turned into this major-jerk. The end was pretty exciting but the supposed "big revelation" was a dud. So ether Harry or Voldemort is going to die in the end? Almost anyone could figure that one out.

Still, I think it'll make a good movie. The trailer certainly looks good.

Maprilynne said...

My sentiments exactly, Levi!