Friday, November 10, 2006

The Agent Phone Call Results.

So, the thing I haven't been telling you is that I have been e-mailing with an agent this week who was halfway done with my book on Monday and was really excited about it and wanted to make sure it was still available (she recieved it over ten and a half months ago.) I was able to tell her that it was still available, but had been very revised and she had me e-mail her the new version and said she would get back to me today. So I got an e-mail today scheduling a time for her to call me.

I had my phone call (yea) and she hadn't quite finished the book due to accidently leaving the last 100 pages at home (boo) but she had several very specific revisions she wants to see and will be in contact on Monday with the rest of the revisions for the end of the book.

So we're kind of working together.

She didn't offer to sign me (which is why I'm not going to mention her name or house yet, but it's one of the big ones) but she seems to really be working toward that. She loves the story and the characters and my writing style.

I really am happy that I am "working with her" (whatever that means) because she has great suggestions and has already helped me make the book better. But I'm fighting dissappointment because with all the gushing she has done about my book all week by e-mail I really thought she was going to sign me then and there. So it's good news, but not as good as I was hoping for.

I feel silly even saying that because it really is the chance of a lifetime, but . . . well, anyway.

She'll be e-mailing me on Monday and if she doesn't make reference to a contract or at least give me a hint that that is what we are working toward, I'll probably ask her to clarify what our ultimate goal is.

It went well though. I feel like she really gets my book.

I just hope it's leading to a contract.

So close . . . so close! Aaahhh!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So cool. Even if this one doesn't pan out, this just shows that you're good enough for consideration by any top agent. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

breathe.... :}=

Anonymous said...

Too exciting for words.....:) KC

robinellen said...

Hi, aprilynne,
I found you through Absolute Write -- have you ever chatted on Verla's? I wasn't sure if you wrote YA fantasy or adult...anyway, good luck with the agent search! I have two agents reading fulls right now (but I've been in this position before and just heard no) -- but your position sounds very good! BTW, I didn't use a doula for my births, BUT a doula taught the Bradley class my husband and I took before birth number one ;) I've wondered about being trained as a doula, but..well, I don't like missing sleep, he-he.

Maprilynne said...

Robin Ellen,

I can't say I even know what Verla's is . . .?
I am currently writing (selling) an adult fantasy (not that kind of adult fantasy;)) but I also have a histoorical romance finished and the sequel started and a YA paranormal started.

LadyBronco said...

Good luck.

robinellen said...

if you google 'Verla Kay', i think the link to the boards will come up. Also called the 'blue boards' -- it's all about and for children's writers ;) there are others there who do both adult and children!

And congrats on your 'sort of' agent :D