Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In the Lap of luxury . . .

Or at least in the lap of good cooking and help with the kids.:)

I am visiting my mom and getting some R&R this week.

Of course, I am fretting about the mail that is sitting in my mailbox right now, but I'm trying to remain calm and relaxed regardless.:)

I tell you what I'm really stoked about right now; I have commenters! Like, multiple commenters . . . other than the ones who are related to me (as far as I know *wink*) Welcome!

So I have two kids, a 3.5 year old daughter and a 1.5 year old son and we went trick or treating last night in Idaho. We're talking 30 degree weather. *Shiver* My daughter gave up after about an hour, but my little one and a half year old son trick-or-treated for over two and a half hours. We were so cold when he final succumbed and we all went home. His filled his Halloween bag to the brim. His hands were in sockies to keep them cold, but by the time we got home thy were all red and a little puffy and didn't get back to their normal colour for about an hour. It was crazy!

But fun. Lots of fun.

Nothing much about writing, but then, it's my week off. . . though I swear I can here my keyboard all the way back in Utah calling my name. *Listens* Yeah, definitely calling.


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Anonymous said...

his hands were in sockies to keep them WARM. :}=