Friday, November 10, 2006

Cheerios and Funnels

Okay, this entry has nothing to do with writing . . . at all . . . really.

I have a son who is almost 20 months old (and knows what sound all the letters of the alphabet make:) *insert shameless bragging*) and he loves to get into things. This morning I was playing with my daughter when I heard the unmistakeable sound of Cheerios hitting the floor. If you are a mother, you're probably all too familiar with this sound.

Knowing it was already too late I nonetheless rushed in to try to stop the disaster. There is my son with a super-sized bag or Cheerios (or whatever it is Malt-o-Meal calls their equivalent) upside down. I managed to save about half the bag.

So my table and floor are covered with Cheerios. I figure the ones on the floor are toast, but the ones on the table are salvageable, right? I mean, the table's clean. So I look at the rather small opening in the bag and realize I am going to lose half of the cereal if I try to brush it right from the table into the bag.

What do I need?

A funnel!

Ladies and Gentlemen, repeat after me: Cheerios do not fit through the bottom of a funnel.


Anonymous said...

Cheerios do not fit through the bottom of a funnel. :}=

Anonymous said...

Ha! I know the sound well. Salvaging cereal is always a difficult task.