Monday, July 20, 2009


Okay, so I am getting a bunch of the same questions in my e-mail, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Some of the answers are buried in my posts, and some aren't, but for the sake of convenience, here are the top ten questions I am getting!

1.) Q: I think you should write a sequel!

A: Was that a question? (I kid, I kid!!) Okay, there WILL be a book two. And three. And four.:)

2.) Q: When is Book Two coming out?

A: June 8th, 2010. I know it's a long time. But barely over ten months now! That's practically six months. And six months is practically three months, and three months is practically next month. Right?!?!?:)

3.) Q: What is Book Two going to be called?

A: *sigh* That should be a simple question, but it's not. The book's title is not official, so I have avoided posting anything about it, but as soon as I get the green light that everything is good to go, you will see it as part of my little profile thingie up there on the right. (Or left if you are reading in LJ . . . I think . . . :))

4.) Q: I love Tamani. Will Laurel choose him in the end?

A: I just can't say. Read and find out!!

5.) Q:I love David. Will Laurel choose him in the end?

A: See question five.

6.) Q: Will there be a movie of Wings?

A: Maybe! Disney has picked up the rights and I have producers and talent attached. That's a long way from an actual movie, but it's an awfully big step in the right direction!

7.) Q: I love Miley Cyrus! Did you pick her for Laurel?

A: Nope. I have zero control over casting decisions.

8.) Q: I hate Miley Cyrus! Can you make sure she's not in the movie?

A: See question seven.

9.) Q: I want to be in the movie!! Can I be Laurel??

A: See question Seven. No seriously, if I find out about an open audition, I will let you know, but I still will have no control over a single member of the cast.:)

10.) Q: I hate Disney. Can't you turn down the offer?

A: It's a done deal, guys. Has been for about six weeks.

So in case you were wondering, there ya go!



Amber Lynae said...

I can't wait until June. And I'm So excited for the movie.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

No questions. Just wanted to send you a big congratulations!

Taste Life Twice said...

Gahhh! June is too far away! And even if that deal wasn't done, you just don't turn down Disney. You just don't. lol

~Mary said...

those are some funny questions and answers!! Love it!

10 months is practically nothing! I've been waiting that long for Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins to come out, it's practically around the corner!! It just mean I have to read WINGS alot in the next 10 months! Which I don't mind cause I love it!!!

Juju said...

No questions here either. Just completely thrilled for you and hoping next June hurries up!

Shelli said...

i think its great. I like myley and love disney. They do great films.

hailey said...

omg i would love to play laurel please have an open casting call and let me know where hopefully it will be in ny :]

babyblonde2794 said...

omg i would love to play laurel please have an open casting call and let me know where hopefully it will be in ny :] ive read the book so many times cuz its so good and got all my friends interested in it! we almost went to ny when you were there hoping for the other books to be out :] cant wait to read the next three and congrats on the book being a hit and getting a deal for a movie :]

Jenn Johansson said...

haha, awesome post Aprilynne :) I'm still squealing on your behalf from all your news. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved your book. I can't wait to read the rest. Congrats on the movie, I'll defintely be one of the first in my place to see it!

Chelsea said...

So why aren't you telling everyone how all your books turn out? I'm confused. ;)

Anonymous said...


Tiffany R. said...

Omg i am crawling out of my skin... not literally but, lol... anyways I cant wait to read the sequal, I am so glad I picked up this book! I alredy read the book... close to 3 times. And trust me i am not a book worm, i acually dont like books alot, only sertain authors... And you are one of them! One of the resons i love Wings is becasue it includes all emotions and its amazing! I just cant wait.
Also I have a question,
Are you ever going to have a book signing in New york or New Jersey because that would be awsome! said...

I cant wait until next june, i am crawling out of my skin... lol i have read the book 3 times alredy. it only been 2 weeks.

Lauren said...

I wanna be in the movie! Let me know too, please!

!CASSI! said...

for starters love the book cant wait for the next one if there is a movie awesome but if miley cyrus is in it im not gonna see it or read the other books sorry i dispise her, i dont think shes a good actress, if u can chose the person who plays laurel chose smeone different, its your book u should have some input!

Linna said...

Ohmygosh. I'm so excited for the next books! (; I positively can't wait. *sigh* I'm in love with both Tamani and David, just like Laurel (:
BUT. I'd very well choose Tamani in a heartbeat. He's such a sweet guy, and he cares for Laurel so much!

Olivia said...

I'm a fan of your book and will most likely buy the sequels, but I must say I won't be a fan of the movie. Great job. Disney. *rolls eyes*
I'll catch it on DVD if the cast isn't horrible (i.e. Miley Cyrus).

Ashley said...

By random and accidental internet searching, I stumbled across your book (mainly because I live in Crescent City and went to Del Norte High and became very interested in reading it). I noticed you said it's far off, but if/when there is a movie, would you happen to know if it'll be filmed in Crescent City? If you don't know that's perfectly ok but thanks for putting our small town out there

Lullaby2006 said...

all I have to say is wings = awesome!!!! I can't wait 4 the next three books. great job with the movie deal too but if you can have any input on the cast, please,please,please, PLEASE.don't let miley cyrus play laurel. in the pit of my stomach i have a big feeling it will be twilight all over again. I think you should have some say tho. being it's your book. but either way I hope it turns out amazing!!!!!

Sabrina said...

Hi, XD
This is kind of random, but i just picked your book off of the shelf in a book store, and you could imagine my surprise when I found out that Laural and me are scarily the same.... We both have blonde hair, are 15, I'm vegetarian, (basically vegan XD) and my parents are the first medicinal herbalists to make organic products in north America! (creepy...) I loved your book, and are waiting for more. :)

(DX Miley Cyrus doesn't fit as 'Laural' for the movie, oh well...)

Anonymous said...

I loved your book, but i have to say, I just don't think Miley Cyrus is right for the part. She is supposed to be gentle, and delicate looking. People won't take the movie seriously if Miley stars. Just my opinion.

Can't wait for spells >.<

MomoiroGirl said...

I'm so excited! 8D I read the first book over half a day, and I just couldn't put it away, so I'm SO excited for the movie to come out and the next book!:D Good luck! :D