Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bits of Random

First the question that people are asking me on MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, both blog sites, and email: when is the second book coming out?

I finally have the answer!

Book Two (the title has not been finalized yet . . . or, rather, it got finalized, and then UN-finalized, who knows now:)) will come out June 8, 2010!

I know, I know, it's not May! But Harper has a lot of Summer titles and they are trying to space them out in everyone's best interest.

And it really is only thirty days later. Mostly I am just glad to have a date! Now I can make a little count-down thingie.:)

2.) It was my husband's birthday yesterday. We celebrated by opening MY birthday present.:) No, I kid you not. He opened his too, but then he looks at me and is like, so . . . should we open your too? And we totally did. We're both twelve-year-olds on the inside, people!

3.) I have a new gym!!! For those who don't know, I am a total gym rat and it has been awful not having a gym since we moved. The kids have gotten used to the new care center and my baby walks in on his own instead of crying when I leave. Yay!! On top of that, my husband got a membership too! So now we get to work out together! After all, the couple that sweats together stays together; isn't that the saying??

4.) I am 15 K into book three! I am so excited. I have my detailed outline and this book is going to be AWESOME!!! Yanno . . .if I do *ahem* say so myself. *blush*

5.) I got an early manuscript from a friend this morning that I have been begging for for months. MONTHS! I am SO excited to dive in!!!

6.) We have crickets. Bleh.

7.) Crickets are better than rattlesnakes. Yay!

8.) I wrote almost 4K words today. I am too tired to think of a number eight.



Demon Hunter said...

Yay! I'm first. Glad to hear about book two, and glad that you're working on book 3. More for us to read. ;-)

Amanda J. said...

I haven't read #1 yet. :( I tried to check it out at the library the other day when I finally got time but, no luck, they didn't have a copy.

It looks like a fantastic read though, and every time I see a copy it makes me want to read it even more! Guess that means you did your job well, huh? Hehe. :)

Lauren said...

We had a cricket in our sink last night... it was HUGE! And scary... I don't like insects... o.0

OOH! I can't wait! But.. I'm not gonna be here in June next year! I'm going to Switzerland.. *whimpers and cries*
Oh well. I'll get it when I come back in July. =)

All writers are little kids at heart. It's why your they are so creative. Or, so I think.

Kimberly Derting said...

Just the mention of rattlesnakes makes me cringe. *shudder*

Yamile said...

Crickets are for good luck.

Taste Life Twice said...

I loved reading your bits of random! I'm reading #1 right now and it is really good so far. I'm loving David. And congrats on setting a date!

KasandraG said...

I was hoping on may but I'm just excited that it is coming out!! :) I can't wait and can't wait to hear the official name...again. hahaha. I've read Wings and loved it. My husband doesn't like to read (i know, he's crazy) so i've started reading it to him before we go to bed. :) then i dream of the story and it's great! :) hahaha Congrats!! I can't wait!

sari said...

My seven year old has a frog. I have to go to the local pet store and BUY crickets twice a week. Thankfully they are only two week old crickets and are almost unidentifiable as such, though sometimes one or two will escape and we'll find them all GIANT somewhere else in the house. Which is ick.

Juju said...

A. Happy belated birthday! Me and my husband are also eternal 12 year olds.
B. Bravo on the home gym! I'm working on making one of those too!
C. Crickets? I've seen that cricket problem on the TV and shiver every time. Yikes.
D. YAH! I can't wait for part 2.

Katie said...

Good luck with the writing of book 3!! We can't wait to read it!

Dara said...

You are definitely a better person than me; I loathe exercising and can't imagine going to a gym to do it! :P

And crickets are infinitely better than rattlesnakes.

Tara said...

Thanks for the date, and I agree that crickets are much better than rattlesnakes.

Chelsea said...

You could get a pet frog or lizard to eat your crickets. That's what we did growing up... catching the crickets for the pet, of course, not letting it catch the crickets.

MaceyNoel said...

I am really excited for the new book I hate that I finished this one so fast now.... I really liked it I couldn't put it down. I hope you come out to california soon I would like to get my book signed. Thanks for writing them :]
-- Macey Noel

Amy said...

I just finished book #1 and I loved it. You can add me to your list of adult fans. lol I'm a mother of 4 little ones and YA fiction fits my lifestyle for a quick, but still engrossing read. I'm recommending your book to my friends and I can't wait to read book #2.