Thursday, June 29, 2006

No News is . . . Boring!

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, but as my list of agents I am waiting to hear from gets smaller, my submitting life is getting . . . well, boring. And rather than bore you with what is NOT happening, I am just not blogging.
I did send out a partial yesterday, but it was not for Chain, it was for my Other project. Nonetheless, that was cool too.
I should finish up my editing on Cymbals tonight or tomorrow and then I just have to do two-hundred pages of disk changes. (groan) That means I have to take the changes that are currently hand-written and type them all in. Boring as I'll get out, but at least it doesn't take that much time.
So when I move up next week, who ever grabs it first gets book two . . . how's that for motivation to come help me move in?:)
Just to make you jealous, I am hoping to get it out to one of my readers down here on Sunday. (I guess that mean a niener, niener, niener is in order?)
Well . . . that's pretty much it. No news at all. Sorry. (Shrug.)


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