Monday, June 19, 2006

Sigh . . .

I got a rejection from Kristin this morning. I'm starting to really believe that all of the agents are going to pass on it. I also got a stellar review from a reader who had some excellent advice which I will put into the manuscript before I get it all polished up for publishers. I don't really have much to say, I'm just feeling discouraged.
On top of that, I've been listening to a book on tape by Danielle Steele. It mentions that it is Danielle's 66th bestselling novel and it is SO badly written. It's like a first-draft that no one bothered to read over twice. Inconsistencies, repetition of phrases, ridiculously unreasonable character flaws, it's truly awful! The story is interesting enough, but the writing is abysmal. So I'm listening to this thinking, how can this crap get published while my book is scarcely getting a look!?
(sigh) So It's one of those days.
It was really disappointing to get a rejection from Kristin. I really thought that she would like it. I'm trying to remember that Nephele still has the full as does Joe and that I still haven't heard back from some of the other partials I have out. But it's hard to focus on that.
Sorry this is such a down post, but I'm frustrated. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.


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JKB said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I was reading through for some sort of pick me up from my rejection this morning.

Thank God that you had these problems too (of course, you ... well, ... had Stephanie Meyers LOL but not during this process, right?)

I have revamped the query another stinking time and, well, thanks for the uncertain thoughts! I do appreciate it!