Thursday, June 01, 2006

Teaser Time!

So it has come to my attention that that some of y'all out there are actually reading this. So I thought I would have some fun. Some of my best ideas come to me when I am doing my first edit (which us why none of you have read book two yet) and boy I had a doozy today that I have been playing with. I thought I would post a teaser . . . just to get you excited.:)


“So,” Tenni said under her breath, squeezing Norine’s fingers, “your brother’s an excellent kisser. Did you teach him that or is he teaching you?”

Norine hands dropped for just a moment and Tenni seized her opening, slamming the heel of her hand into Norine’s face. Norine’s eyes pulsed with pain and she staggered backward, blood pouring from her nose. Tenni’s jaw dropped. “I-I’m sorry,” she stuttered. “I aimed too high, I expected you to—ugh!” Norine’s head slammed unto her stomach, throwing her to the ground, knocking the wind out of her. She gasped for air as Norine slapped her face, making her see stars for an instant. Tenni gathered her wits as Norine raised her arm to strike her again. She kicked her leg up and caught Norine around the neck, dragging her back down to the floor. The other women around them squealed and screamed as the two women rolled around on the floor, striking at one another’s faces and kicking wildly.

Suddenly a pain like nothing Norine had ever felt before shot up her arm as it twisted behind her. She opened her mouth to yelp, but heard Tenni first. Norine opened her eyes to see Damyon holding both women with their arms tightly behind their backs. Tenni was whimpering quietly and Norine could not stop tears from welling up in her eyes as she gasped at the searing pain in her shoulder.

“That’s enough of that,” Damyon said, his voice low, but snapping like a rawhide whip. “If I let you go will the two of you be civil?”

Hehe, this a fun scene.


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