Friday, June 02, 2006

This is Me Squealing! Aaahhh!

Well, I've been kind of bummed the last 5 days because Joe's exclusive ran out and he still has not gotten back to me. So I was thinking I would go ahead and nudge Nephele since it has been eight weeks today since she recieved my partial and she says she responds in six to eight weeks. So I sat at my computer with a blank e-mail in front of me and just as I was deciding what I would say, I decided to wait. I was busy this morning because I am watching my friend's kids (4 of them) while she is out of town. So I shut down my computer and decided to let it be . . . at least until tomorrow. So I had a small break from babysitting and got into my e-mail and had an e-mail from Nephele. So, of course, I braced myself for a rejection--most of the others have been, why not hers? But she requested the full! So I will go out tomorrow morning and get a new ink cartridge and two packs of my uber-paper and print her out a nice copy and send it out. (sigh) It might have to wait until Wednesday because I am still babysitting till tomorrow evening, but by the end of the day on Wednesday it will be on it's way to California! Yea!! The moral of the story is, don't send out that nudge when your gut tells you not to! That would not have been the best impression. (This is me doing the happy dance.) Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! Hey!

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