Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Writing.

Well, I have a new project bubbling, but I'm not quite ready to say anything about it, but ask me next time you see me and maybe I'll spill.

I've taken a few days' break from editing Cymbals, but got back to it today. Kenny is done working and so I get a little bit more time to work on it and am still hoping to have the first heavy edit done before we move . . . in 10 days!!!! (and a few more exclamation points for good measure)!!!!!!!!! I am really trying to get it done before we move because I have a guy named Aaron (who was the lead in the play I just directed . . . you try writing a book while you're directing a major musical!) who gave me a great critique and wants to read the sequel and he is moving in August. Pretty much the only time I can be sure to get it to him is if I am still here to make sure one of my sibling-in-laws took it to him. So I have a week to finish up the last eighty pages and then get it all typed in. Not much time but I think I can do it . . . unless, of course, the lid bubbles off my new project . . . then I might be doing some major scrambling. But that's another story. Hehe, literally, another story.

I'm still feeling rather discouraged, but I think it has as much to do with wanting to move as anything. I love my in-laws and it has been a really good experience living here with them, but I want out. I told Kenny the other day that I am fighting the shrinking box. I was doing pretty good until I went up to work on my house. When I came back from that the box had shrunk to infinitesimal proportions. Everything seems discouraging right now. It is major work to rally my spirits enough to face the day . . . after that effort, I don't have enough energy to rally my spirits on the publishing front. (shrug) But that's life.

On a brighter note, Kenny and I are singing in church tomorrow and it is this beautiful song by Sally DeFord that we've sung before and just love. So that will be fun. And I'm really tired so I need to go to be. Wish I had news for you guys, but I don't. Sorry dad.;)


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