Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me! . . . yesterday. :)

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a great day. Also, I didn't plan this, but it was nice how it worked out--I finished the first draft of a new novel on my birthday. Whoo-hoo, go me!
Today I got around to getting my wheat from the cannery and ground my wheat and made my bread. It is rising on the counter as we speak. Hooray again. It's been a good couple of days. Writing has been a lot of fun and my kids are finally settling in and behaving on a more regular basis.
I'm was feeling really old yesterday (I'm 25, no denying I'm an adult anymore.) But I woke up this morning thinking I really should feel pretty young. How many other twenty-five year olds do you know who have done everything I've done? I have a bachelor's degree, I've been married for four and a half years, I have two kids, I am a certified doula and childbirth educator, I've done some graduate studies, and I've written three four hundred page books. I think that's pretty darn good. So I'm not feeling quite so old today.
But neither and I feeling very prolific, so . . . till next time!


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Dominic Ebacher said...

Good luck, your life seems interesting!

Peace and Love!

Dominic Ebacher