Thursday, May 11, 2006


My book arrived in New York yesterday morning. :)My three week exclusive to JV, has begun. I also was visiting K.N.'s blog and she mentioned that she had responded to all partials up to about April 3rd, and I was like, hey! My partial got there no later than March 20th! But the next sentence says that if you have not recieved a response yet to wait a week because she "still need[s] to evaluate a few before the response letters go out." I think that's good; don't you think that's good? It means I've made some kind of cut . . . doesn't it? I know it's not a lost mail thing because she responds by e-mail, not by SASE, and her e-mails have always gotten through just fine. I have really high hopes for K.N.; I always have, I'm not sure why. She is actively looking for a good fantasy novel to open her sales in that area and I have one that is not long-winded and epic. Llike (cough, cough) Robert (cough) Jordan. It is very reader friendly --particularly non-hardcore-fantasy readers. I just think that the two of us would be a really good match. Since I've said that I'll probably get a rejection in my inbox today but hey, it true so I'm saying it.:) Don't get me wrong, I certainly wouldn't turn Joe down, but I think Kristin and I would be good together. What do I know?


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