Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Three Babies!!

Wow! What a last couple of days! At 1:00 in the morning one of my client's water broke. That was the beginning of two very long days. She had her baby at 12:45 that afternoon. About half an hour later I checked my voicemail and found out that another clients was being induced at 4:30 that afternoon. So after about an hour I left Client #1 to go take Client #2 to the hospital. Well, as I was driving to Client #2, Client #3 calls and says that she is being induced at 7:30 the next morning--at the same hospital as Client #2. Long story short, Client #2 and Client #3 had their babies less than four hours apart and I called in my back-up doula and did some room hopping. Three births in tow days. Whew! I was so tired last night! But they all did great and they all had beautiful babies.:) I'll post pictures of the babies tomorrow. (I can't post pics of the moms because of confidentiality, etc. But I can post pics of the babies and that's the cutest part anyway.)

Well, I have concluded that my partial did not reach Kristin because it has been a weeks since she said she got to all the partials through April third except a few so wait a week. She is at a big writers convention this week and won't even be back in Denver until Monday. So on Monday, if I still haven't heard anything (and at this point I'm assuming I won't) I will jet her an e-mail and see what's up. It's really frustrating to me. I kept expecting and expecting to hear from her and . . . well, it's frustrating.

On the up side, The Chain and the Sword has been in New York with Joe for one week! Yea! Someone (the assistant, I imagine) has probably read it. If they liked it, Joe will read it next. Assuming that does happen, he will probably read it this week.

Other than that, there is no news yet. But I am now two days behind on The Cymbals and the Crown, so today I have to get cracking on that again.


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