Friday, May 19, 2006

The Golden Triangle.

First off, isn't she beautiful? This is Nellie.:) She was born on Monday after a fabulous effort from her mother.

I have pictures of Alejandro too, but they are still on my camera. I'll try to get them up later.

Well, my day yesterday . . . sorry, but it sucked! It started out with a fight with my husband and, likely because of that, my writing was stifled and it was like pulling teeth just to get it on the screen. (I took a look at it this morning and did a lot of fixing. The scene I wrote is decent now.) So I was in a rotten mood already when I went out to check the mail. Waiting for me were three rejections. Three rejections in one day is bad enough, but I also had a very nice variety. One on a query, one on a partial, and one on a full (a full I really didn't expect to hear back on at all.) So I didn't feel like blogging yesterday and got up this morning still feeling pretty low. However, I did jet off an e-mail to Kristin who, since I still haven't hear back from her on my partial, I suspect is the first victim of the postal system. I don't think it got to her. It's been way too long since I sent it. That means I will probably have to print off a new packet and send it off again. That means the whole waiting period starts all over again. (sigh)

So I really don't have any good news to share, but for what it's worth, Kate and Shana are off the list. Onward and upward.


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skippy said...

keep it up, maprilynne. i'm a writer, too, and believe me it takes a lot a lot a lot of rejection to get your stuff into some sort of place where people will buy it.

but as the saying goes, "it only takes one yes."

make sure you write every day.

and my motto is, the way to be a writer is to write, the way to be a good writer is to edit.