Friday, May 26, 2006

Almost Time for some Nudging.

Okay, so my partial DID in fact arrive in Denver yesterday morning. (I love delivery confirmation:)) and I am hoping that I will get put at the top of the list since my partial was technically requested almost 2.5 months ago. But, if not, that's okay too, because Kristin's new assistant has really been helping her stay on top of her workload. (This is her, by the way, second picture down; hi Sara! :) )

Joe's exclusive expires on Wednesday and I am trying really hard not to develop the habit of biting my nails. (sigh)

A couple of people have a little nudge in order. I already nudged Scott, and he's just way busy, but he has my partial and will get back to me at some point. (shrug)

But Nephele is due for a nudge in ten days and Mary Beth in twelve. Shawna says her reading time is running 6-8 weeks and it has been 5 for her, so she is off the hook for another 3-4 weeks . . . 3-4 weeks (sigh.) I think the worst part of the whole agent search is the inherant waiting. As Inigo Montoyez says in The Princess Bride, "Wait, wait. I hate to wait." And of course, "I don't suppose there any way you could-a speed things up?"



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