Friday, November 07, 2008

This Is Just Too Cute!

Okay, I'm like, on post overhaul this week.:D But this was too cute to not tell.

My son Brennan is three and very, very smart. (Taught himself to read when he was two, reads at probably a first or second grade level now.) But I still was not expecting this.

We were driving to the gym yesterday and all of the sudden he says, "Mom, our car is cumbersome."

I replied, "Yeah, it kind of is. Do you know what cumbersome means?"

"Yes, it means bulky-heavy."

"That's right, where did you learn that?"

"Word Girl!"

Gotta love PBS.



Aqui Wolfe said...

Well, I'm impressed...

Yan said...

Very smart indeed =)

Elizabeth said...

I love Brennan! ^_^ Yay for smart babies!

Helen said...

Wow! :D

Sheila said...

I so love Word World! As a teacher, I think it is one of the best shows out there that really helps children learn how to read.

Congrats to your little early reader...that is fantastic!!

Carbonneau said...


He learned that Batman and Superman have names besides the superhero name because they always emphasize how word girl is also BECKY Botsford or Botsworth? I can't remember which. :)

Whenever he pretends to fight bad guys, The Butcher, "CHUCK THE EVIL SANDWHICH MAKING GUY", and Dr. Two Brains are amongst his bad guy names.

I like the episode that introduces CUMBERSOME. I love how they teach new words to the kids.

trinathegranny said...

that brennan, he is just so smart. Cute too.

Hope. said...

Aw! That's so cute. :)

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

That's one darn smart kid.

When Andrew was three, he looked up at a No Smoking sign and told his dad, "The Mask can't come in here, Dad."


"'Cause there's NO SMOKIN'!" Andrew said a la Jim Carrey.

Apparently, my kid's future is in comedy.

Speed Reader said...

It's moments like that which completely erase any guilt I may have had about the amount of tv my kids watch! LOL! I LOVE PBSkids & Playhouse Disney!