Saturday, August 26, 2006

More News

Hello all! You know, all four of you.:)

It's been quite productive week for Lady Diane. A three steps forward, one step back kind of week. I received a rejection from Kristin (which I was expecting, because I sent her a partial too quickly and it still had several typos in it, etc.) disappointing, but not nearly so much as last time. Maybe I'm getting used to it . . . or something.:) But I had three other agents request it so I am still in double digits. The fun one is my request from Marlene, because she has read the first five pages. So what it is is a long partial request off of a short partial, but a request off a partial is still a request off a partial. The other two agents are Jessica R. from a really exclusive NY agency, and Elaine, who runs a small but very distinguished agency and literary law practice.

And I'm really tired so . . .


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