Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Feeling Better

As some of you may know, books are never finished. Even Stephenie has told me that she still has a thing or two she wishes she could go back and change in Twilight. But they do reach a point of finality. L.D. is at that point. Yessss! I'll continue reading over it throughout the entire publishing process just like I did with Chain, but it is finished as of last night. I'm quite happy with it.:) I am also rather happy that within the next three months or so it will be sent to a publisher. Whether I send it or it gets sent by an agent has yet to be seen, but by Christmas at the latest it will be headed to at least one publisher.
So the blogs I frequent all have this unifying theme this week . . . probably because I frequent the blogs of a bunch of female agents who are all friends.:) It about firing your agent and the appropriate way to walk away. I, of course, and thinking "Fire you agent? Fire your agent? You're kidding, right?" My disbelief comes on two levels. One is that an agent is very important in the publishing business. Necessary? Perhaps not. But generally invaluable if you can get one. Which leads to the second level of disbelief. By the time I query an agency, I have done a ton of research and looked them up on several very reputable sites. I have checked sales records, current clients, looked for personal feedback, etc. I do not send a query out to anyone that I am not positive I could completely trust with the management of my manuscript. If you've done that the chanced of your ever having to fire an agent go down to pretty much zero. You can't just take the first thing that comes to you without doing some research.
However, the whole topic started with Kristin who was frustrated because she had received a certified letter firing her and she thought everything was peachy keen. Apparently not. So then a whole conversation started about how to end a business relationship without looking like a jerk and even as I'm reading the comments all I could think was, "Why the heckle would you fire Kristin? This is Kristin we're talking about! Miss absolutely-at-the-top-of-my-list-no- exceptions, Kristin!" But I guess someone thought she just wasn't doing a good enough job. (shrug)

I'll tell you what I am happy anout though . . . convention season is over!!! Yea!!! The agents are all home now. I was driving me nuts trying to decide when to send queries and how big a delay I should expect before panicking, etc. But they are home now and I should hear from several this week.:) I'll keep you posted!


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