Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Horses and Shrinks and Grandmothers, Oh My!

Welcome back to Blog tour. Second day in a row! What lucky readers you are. *laugh* Today we have a novel from fellow Deb C. Lee McKenzie called Sliding On The Edge. Here's a bit about it:

Shawna Stone is a heartbeat away from making the worst mistake anyone can. She’s close to taking her own life. Kay Stone is a grandmother Shawna has never known, and at sixty-four Kay feels there is little left in her life to look forward to. When they are thrown together they circle each other in a crucible of secrets and distrust until saving a doomed horse unites them and gives each a reason to live.

I love horses. Just sayin'.;)

I hope she is not offended by me saying this, but one of the reasons I love Lee is that she is one of the oldest in our group. She feels very motherly to me and I like that. (Also, she does Yoga, which is awesome.;)) But beyond that, here is a bit about Lee! A native Californian, C. Lee McKenzie has always been a writer, but to eat and make contributions to children's college funds, she’s also been a university lecturer and administrator. Lee’s written and published non-fiction articles, both in her field of Linguistics and Inter-cultural Communication, and in general readership magazines. For five years Lee wrote, edited, and published a newsletter for U.S. university professors who were managing global classroom issues. Since she turned in her academic hat and began writing for young readers, Lee’s fiction and non-fiction works have been frequently published in the award-winning e-zine, Stories for Children, and Crow Toes Quarterly has published her ghostly tales. Sliding on the Edge is her first young adult novel. Writing for teen readers keeps Lee in touch with the young members of her family, and allows her to re-visit those wonderful years in life when everything is possible. When she isn’t writing, Lee’s hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos, California.

So while everyone moves from mountain to downward dog, let's pull out our Feasty Five!! (I am so awesome at lame jokes!)

AP: What kind of soda does (would) your MC drink?

CLM: She hates soda, especially Coke. She's a water girl.

AP: Okay, we'll give her that one. I'm a big water girl myself.:) What is your MC's favorite kind of flower? How about yours?

CLM: In the beginning, she doesn't believe in flowers, but in the end "big yellow ones" fill her up. I'm partial to big yellow ones too--sunflowers or dahlias.

AP: Big, yellow ones. What an interesting description. Does your MC believe in magic? Do you?

CLM: She learns to believe in magic, very much. And, of course, I believe in it. It's at the heart of every story I write.

AP: Awww, awesome! Superman or Batman?

CLM: I'm an long-time Superman groupie.

AP: *laugh* Way to go against the tide! Give us one line from your book. You don't even have to give it context.:)

CLM: "Something wrong." That's how the book begins. That's what the book addresses.

AP: Iiiinteresting. Lee has a really gorgeous website at www.cleemckenziebooks.com. Go check it out!


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