Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tour Spotlight! Idaho Falls, ID!!

Now, don't knock it just because it's small and out of the way. I seriously blame this city for the week Wings hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

THE CITY: Idaho Falls, Idaho

THE STORE: Grand Teton Mall Barnes and Noble

This is one of the most Indie-like B&N's I've ever been too. Run locally by a manager and staff who really put their customers first! My parents used to live here and when Wings came out this B&N got behind it in a huge way! I am pretty sure no store has ever sold more copies of any of my titles as this store did of Wings. They seriously rock!

THE AUTHORS: A few familiar faces.

Natalie Whipple:

Author of Transparent and the upcoming House of Ivy and Sorrow, Natalie has agreed to road trip with me from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls! (Crazy girl!!) Super-pleased to have the pleasure of her company two nights in a row!

Jessica Day George:

The most prolific of us all, Jessica writes for both the YA and MG markets and has NINE books to her credit. Her most recent YA is the incredible Princess of the Silver Woods, and her latest (*ahem* New York Times bestselling) MG is Wednesdays in the Tower. So honored to have booked her at all, much less for two days.:)

Wendy Toliver:

(I thought this pic was so super cute!) Wendy is my friend of awesomeness who once got me into a group signing in Tooele, UT. Such favors take years to repay. *wink* Wendy is the author of the romantic comedies, Miss Match and The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren, as well as the novel Lifted which is super awesome and has a quote from an amazing author on the front of it. *Ahem* I have not managed to see Wendy in about two years now, so believe you me, I'll be even more excited to see her than you! Although you should be freaking over the moon.:D

THE CUPCAKES: The Cocoa Bean

Okay, brace yourself. Gushing is about to commence. This is my FAVORITE cupcake bakery on the face of the earth. Of. The. Earth. I love these cupcakes the way good mothers wished they loved their kids. If someone offered me a Cocoa Bean cupcake for my child, I might trade. (Depends on the kid and the day. *wink*)

I am one of those people who loves flavors and fillings. So, for example, if I have a choice of vanilla ice cream and chocolate that has more things in it than they have room to list on the menu, I am SO going to choose the latter. So I want you to understand how serious I am when I say that the Cocoa Bean's Madagascar Vanilla-Vanilla cupcake may be the greatest cupcake every created.

Plus, it's pretty.

Yes, this bakery gets TWO pictures. It is that wonderful.

Thursday night's signing will feature Madagascar Vanilla-Vanilla, Fluffer Nutter, and Better Than Whatever cupcakes.

I am having a vanilla one.:D Maybe a Fluffer Nutter as well . . . Okay fine, I'm probably having one of each.:D (And then I will be very sick that night since I generally don't eat wheat. . . It will be worth it! Plus, sugar buzz for the late night drive back to SLC. See? Everyone wins!)


Thursday, August 1, 6:30 PM (NOTE THIS TIME!!!)
Grand Teton Mall B&N
2300 East 17th Street Suite #1101
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Here is a link to their event page. 

I am actually worried that I may not have ordered enough cupcakes . . . so get there on time! Cupcakes for the first 72 people! (Yes, this little town in Idaho does, in fact, bring out that many people. That is why they rock!!! Last time I was there I signed until 15 minutes after closing . . . thus the earlier time.:)) 


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