Friday, July 26, 2013

Tour Spotlight! Charlotte, NC!!

I've never been to Charlotte. I've never been to North Carolina. (I think.)

THE CITY: Huntersville, NC (Just outside of Charlotte.)

THE STORE: Birkdale Village Barnes and Noble

I SO hope this store is this pretty IRL! Do you see that white trim? Gorgeous!!! The only thing I know about this store is that it's close to where Carrie Ryan and Beth Revis live. I mean, do I NEED to know more than that? *wink* Also that it is run by a very nice woman named Judy. *nods*


Carrie Ryan:

Okay, so Carrie and I got to know each other about a year and a half before either of our books came out! She is one of the few authors who has been to my house (not that I mind, it just doesn't happen that often), and I seriously adore her like whoa. One of my favorite things to do when describing her Forest of Hands and Teeth series is to say, "Literary Zombie Novel. I kid you not." While best-known for that New York Times Bestselling series, Carrie is most recently the editor of the anthology Foretold and the MG Infinity Ring novel, Divide and Conquer.

Beth Revis:

Who has longer hair than me? Well, actually, a lot of people since I cut it two days ago . . . But even before! Yes! Beth Revis!!! New York Times Bestselling author, Beth, is the creator of the Across the Universe series!!Sci-fi fans, unite!!! I actually heard about how awesome Beth was as a person before I read her books and guess what!?!? She's a good writer too.;) Not only did Beth agree to come up and sign with Carrie and me, when I said, "What store should I go to? Who should I contact?" She said, "Oh, I'll do that." And that was pretty much the theme for this stop. I flailed about details and said, "What do I do?" and Beth replied, "Let me handle it." This tour stop is brought to you by Beth.

THE CUPCAKES: Polka Dot Bake Shop

This is the only bakery where I have not tasted the cupcakes. Yet. So we'll be adventurous together! I was really impressed by TPBS's daily offerings and I always like to support local businesses--even in someone else's locale! (And even though I decided not to order a dozen of them, I am going to pick up and try and Elephant Ear cupcake when I pick up the others! Wish I was there on Tuesday for the Caramel Apple cupcake!!!)

Friday Night's stop will feature Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Raspberry Swirl.

Friday, August 2, 7:00 PM
Birkdale Village Barnes and Noble
8725 Townley Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

Here is a link to their event page.

So come see us!!! Because, well, Beth worked really hard.:D


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