Sunday, February 26, 2012

Contest Winners Redux

Hope everyone enjoyed the little sneak peeks at Destined yesterday!

A little housekeeping--we have two Valentine's Day contest winners who I haven't heard from:

Michelle Madden and mama23boys

Michelle, I saw your comment but I never received your email! If either of you had trouble with the gmail address, you might try sending your info to author [AT]

And for the rest of you... can I just say I love living in Arizona? We had several birthday parties yesterday and the weather outside was just lovely. Like, 77 degrees. I love it here. :)


pixleyyy said...

I don't Twitter. Will you be sharing the sneaks on your blog too?

Vetsy said...

Lucky you the weather in the Chicago area is like in the 30s.

Rhiannon Rudick said...

It's been in the 40s in Eureka CA :/ soooo cold! I loved reading the Sneek Peeks from Destined!!!! <3 And back on October 22 you came to Eureka and you said that you rarely come here and if you live near Eureka to come to the Humboldt County Author Festival.... Well I reallllllly wanted to come but I couldn't walk because I dislocated both of my knees in Gymnastics in July and I still couldn't walk when you came here. I was so sad and I cried for days because I am a huge fan of the Wings series and I want to be an author some day. I want to write fantasy like you. So if there is any way you could come back to Eureka or somewhere near Humboldt County I would be so happy! And I can walk now but it's still hurt but I'll keep getting better. And I know this is long so thank you so much if you read this.

Emma said...

Lucky! Here in utah it has been FREEZING! Hey I don't twitter will you be sharing the sneaks on your blog?

Becky said...

I loved the sneak peaks! If only it was the entire book.
I need to see if Tamani and Laurel final get together! Why can't the 26th of April be today :( x

Kenny said...

You actually don't have to use Twitter to see the sneak peeks. Just go to and read them there!

earthtoshelby said...

I loved the sneak peak I cant wait till the book comes out. Im a huge Tam fan, I hope to hear alot more about him ;D