Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I Keep Forgetting To Mention!!!!

I will be at the Tucson Book Festival this weekend!!!

You can find my schedule here, (you'll still have to click on my name) and for my "Solo Presentation" (LOL) at the Teen Meeting Place (it's very informal) I will be reading the first chapter of DESTINED and answering questions.

If you live around Tucson, this is a HUGE event and there will be dozens and dozens of amazing authors in every genre there! Oh, and free admission. (Yay!)



Tory Constance said...

WOW! wish that i was in america atm!
please come to adelaide soon Aprilynne! ily!
when is destined coming out? i've been waiting for ages and am slowly falling apart!!!!
ily again and again (100000000000x)
btw this is tory who sent you a letter about a school project.
just so you know we got an A+++.
thank you so much foro your help

Cassandra Day said...

already going! i'll meet you AND Peter Lerangis, one of the main 39 Clues writers! ahhh! so excited! look out for me (the girl in my icon)!

Anonymous said...




Cassandra Day said...

saw u today! at the teen talk room or whatev. I was sitting in the front row w/ my hair in a ponytail. I asked u where u came up w/ the idea of plant fae. loved cing u (even if u were really late). Destined's gonna be awesome! totally buying it.

poweranimals said...

I know this is kind of off topic, but whatever happened to the movie adaptation for Wings? Is Disney no longer interested?

Anonymous said...

Come to England!

Read Wings - I must admit it took me a while to get really involved but when I did I really enjoyed it! Have just received my order of the rest of the series... loving the UK covers! So beautiful and despite what people say I really do judge books by their covers!!

Hally ORourke said...

Hey, are you ever coming to SoCal? My niece and I are huge fans! Already have Destined ordered.

I also wanted to ask about the movie. I see the page still up on IMDB, is it still in production? I ask because I also wondered how much you were going to be involved, especially with casting. My niece and I think that Avan Jogia from Nickelodeon's Victorious (he plays Beck) would make a perfect Tamani! We've talked about it at length lol ;)

Just felt the need to mention it somewhere! So if the movie gets made (which it SHOULD) and you have any say maybe you can throw him into consideration. That is if you agree with us, hahaha! You would know best ;)

Go team Tamani!!!

Arunima said...

hey, hii!!!
Pls come to Delhi, India's capital. I love ur books and have read them at least 5 times (each). Maybe in Delhi u can get any idea for a book. Like the trolls took Laurel to Delhi or 'bout Klea...etc, etc. I'll be so waiting for u to come here.

I'm ir biggest fan... at least in India. Also GO TEAM TAMANI!!!

Anonymous said...

@poweranimals, Yea me too... I think it would do well as a movie

B00KW0RM101 said...

Aprilynne is going to be at the RT Booklovers Convention!

Follow the links below to find out more!

P.S. None of these links are dangerous, I've scanned them and they carry no treat to your computer!

Alondra said...

Please, read this Aprilynne. I live in Spain,(my english are very bad, sorry). I read your book wings and I love it! I fell in love with them. But are a problem. The second book aren't traduced in spanish. Where I can find the second book translated into Spanish? It's not fair that the Spanish people can not read more of your fabulous book!

Thanks for everything. You write great, keep it up!!!

a fan

Grace said...

Really want to go... I finished Wings, Spells, and Illusions in two days... I just finished Illusions about five minutes ago... I can't wait until Destined comes out! Now its time to write three book reports.... If i finish before the weekend then maybe I might be able to go.