Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I love announcing winners. I mean really, how fun is a blog entry where you simply get to tell people, "Hey, you get stuff!!!" :D

Okay, many 330 entries. I am blown away!!!! I wish I had 330 ARCs to give away!!! I do have two though!

Here goes!

First place winners will get an ARC of Destined and Valentine's goodies:

Kelsie Kresta and Mary Bess

Second place winners will get a set of custom Wings series soap and lotion plus goodies:

Michelle Madden and Sami Marie

And third place winners who will get Valentine's goodies are:

mama23boys, casper131979, Madelin, Ivy of IvyReads, JennaClow, and Brea Bee

Congratulations to all the winners and THANK YOU for helping to spread the Wings love!!! For those who didn't win, I'm sorry I don't have prizes for everyone, but thank you SO MUCH for supporting this series and the release really is just around the corner!!!

*Winners, if you want to claim your prizes you NEED to email me at aprilynne (nospace) pike at gee mail dot com with the following information:

Name, First and Last

And of course, all info gets deleted as soon as I mail stuff and I won't share it with anyone. *wink*

Thank you again everyone for participating!!!!!!!!!!




Vetsy said...

Congratulations! To all the lucky winners.

Aislinn Conley said...

Yeah! Congrats!

Michelle Madden said...

I'm so excited!!! Thank you for having this contest. :)
I'm emailing you with my details from my yahoo address - same name :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to everyone! I'm so excited to be a second place winner! I've sent my e-mail, but I'm not sure if it was received. Lol. Please let me know, I'm so excited to have been a winner. :)

June G said...

Oh, darn! I really wanted to win. Congrats to all those who did, though. I still love the series and I'll be buying it!

Ciao, girl!

C. Issy said...

Congratulations, everyone, especially Kelsie and Mary! :) Remember us ARC-less little people as you squeee over the Destined awesomeness! :P

casper131979 said...

Thanks so much!! I am so excited to have won. I sent you the email but I got an automated response back. I hope I did it right. Congrats to the other winners!!!!

Erica Marshall said...

Aprilynne, will SoCal be on your book tour? I would LOVE to meet you, buy Destined and have my books signed. <3

Mary Bess said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the contest, very excited! I emailed my info, but I just wanted to make sure it arrived. I got a bit longwinded and it may have gotten lost in the shuffle of fan mail. I'm sorry, and I'm not trying to rush y'all. I just wanted to be sure I didn't mess up on my end.

Anonymous said...

ITS NOT FAIR! NOBODY TOLD ME THERE WAS A COMPETITON!!!! I love wings so sos sossososos much and i would of entered this if i knew about it!!! I am currnetly reading wild for the billionth time and i cant wait for destined! Plz have a nother comp soon-i am soo entering it!

Anonymous said...

I loved wings, spells and illusions! I'm so excited for destined to come out!

By the way, where are the destined sneak peeks? :)