Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today, Next Week, and Communication in General

Hey all!! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I got copy-edits!! But more of that in a minute.

Okay, I have been meaning to post this for about a week--I have two signings next week! Unfortunately, they are in the same place so unless you live in Utah, this isn't very news-ey. However, if you DO live in Utah, you now have TWO choices.:)

Okay, I will be signing at the BYU Bookstore in Provo, Utah on Wednesday, August 19th at 1:00 PM. Technically I am there because it is Education Week at BYU, but you don't have to be attending E.W. in order to come. So if you are in the area, stop by! I would LOVE to see you! (And there will be chocolate.:D)

On Friday, August 21st I will be signing at the Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble at 5:00 PM. So there will be plenty of time to come and say hi, and then grab your main squeeze and got for a date! (After all, convenience is Laurel's middle name.:D) There will be chocolate here too.:)

So if you live in Utah, please stop by! I would love to say hi!!!

Okay, regular readers have probably noticed that I generally do not respond to comments. Sadly, I just don't have time. I do read them all (and often follow links if they are there. I got to see more casting videos on YouTube because of the comments!! Thanks!!) I love comments and try to keep them in mind when I am deciding what to post about next. So you guys may feel like you are commenting into the dark, but I promise you aren't! I read every single comment!

I also get messages on MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. as well as email. At the moment, I am answering all of my email. Every single one. It just takes about a week. (Two right now because I am under deadline.) So it may take a while, but I do answer! If you haven't gotten a reply and it's been like three weeks, please write me again. It means my spam filter caught you.:D

Twitter I'm not quite as good at because I haven't figured out how to tell if I have responded or not and I will generally choose to skip it rather that look like a total dork by responding twice. So I would say I respond to about half of my Twitters.

Okay, so you know what I have on my docket today??

Reading through my sequel from beginning to end!

I finished the bulk of the copy edits yesterday and am just reading through the whole thing today. I love this part! Things are starting to really get clean, and I am reading through it as much to make sure that I know which parts I left in and which parts I took out as anything. (So I don't answer questions wrong at signings.:))

Funny story, about a month back, a reviewer commented that she thought my book was inappropriate because it contained . . . let's call it Element A. And I was like, "Huh?? There's no Element A in there! Well, there is this one scene where this one thing happens. But I think it is pretty clear that it's an accident. Not on purpose. I would hardly classify that as Element A." But, yanno, whatever.

Then, yesterday, I was reading through copy edits in book two and came across that scene!! I was like, "oh no! There is a scene from book one in book two!!! How did that happen?!?!?"

Nope, I'm just a moron. That scene was always in book two. But working on books two and three while trying to launch book one has officially screwed with my head.:D

Also, now I have NO clue how the reviewer was seeing Element A in my book. And it's a pretty darn specific element so . . . I don't know. Maybe they read the wrong book???

Who knows.

Anyway, so today I am reading book two so I can remember what exactly is in it.:) (And so I don't give away too many spoilers at my signing next week, thinking I am talking about book one.)

So, in sum-up, come see me next week, if you can't then send me an email or MySpace message, and seriously, look forward to book two, I think it's awesome.:D



The Davenports said...

Aprilynne, I just wanted to leave a comment letting you know I started reading "Wings" yesterday (we have a small book club in my tiny town with some young readers, and it was this months pick) and couldn't put it down! I just finished it this morning and I'm thrilled for the upcoming sequels! GREAT JOB! I'm currently working on my first novel (it's written, just touching it up) and am a little nervous about getting it out there and starting the whole process, especially when I don't have any credentials or degrees under my belt. :) Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

Juju said...

Thanks for the update! I wish I was nearby so I could come get an autograph.


T. Anne said...

I think it would be blast to be at your book signing but alas I am too far...*sigh*

I'm glad to know you read the comments. I started following you right after Jodi Reamer took you on (gosh I hope I'm not mixing up names I am functioning on a severe lack of sleep today, lol) Anyway she was reading a partial of mine and I googled her name and your blog came up too. It's been a fun ride!

~Mary said...

I'm gutted I don't live in Utah anymore! I have to harass my friends to come see you then...

My book club just read WINGS, after I was freakishly insisting upon it, and we're having our Book Club Meeting next week! I'll send pics of the event! We are having flowers everywhere, sprite, and loads of fruit & vegi's!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I was working on my own book 2 (and three) while editing through book 1 and realized I had referenced something in book 2 that I had inadvertently taken out in book 1. Thank goodness I'm still in edit mode. :) Good luck keeping track of things and keeping things a secret. I know how hard it is. :)

Jamie Ford said...

Good luck keeping it all going--you're juggling a lot, and that doesn't include motherhood. Hang in there...

ChristyLou said...

I tell you what, I love living out here in the South, but when I see authors like you, and Shannon Hale, and Stephenie Meyer doing book signings in SLC and around there I feel like it's time to pick up and move back west. Sigh. Y'all need to come out here more often!! :)

I'm really looking forward to book two. It's always so fun to know that the sequel to a good book is coming. Can't wait!!

Yamile said...

Yeah! But oh no! Wait! The 19th is my daughter's birthday, and she gets off school at 3, so unless I can get my book signed right after 1 or no later than 2:15 I'll have to miss you again! (I don't want to be late picking her up on her BD)
I'll try my best to be there at the bookstore. I love going to BYU, and your being there is a perfect excuse to go. One day, when my husband has a normal job, I'll be able to go to EW.
See you Wednesday (hopefully!)

Jeanette said...

I love hearing about your adventures (and as a fellow writer even the editing stage sounds like an adventure to me). So fun. I wrote about "Wings" on my blog "Bliss" today. I love it and want my readers to love it too. Good luck at the signings. Wish I could come.

Nichole Giles said...

What an exciting stage to be in with book 2. I'm excited to read it, for sure, and to find out the final title.

Good luck with your read through.


Patti said...

I'm excited to read book 2, as are all my nieces. Good luck managing everything. It sounds like you have a ton on your plate.

Fiauna said...

New to your blog, but not new to your writing. I can't remember finding "element A" in your book either. And I'd remember that--I'm a sensitive reader.

Best of luck with your edits. What a fun adventure you're on!

Lauren said...

Why can't California be closer to Utach, dammit!?
Oh well... have fun!
I don't think there is 'Element A' in the book.

molly said...

i was looking forward to book two as soon as i finished book one! as i was reading [i read it in one day] i kept thinking, "i hope this is going to be a series. not a stand alone. books like these CAN'T be stand alone! they have to have sequels!" so as soon as i finished i got online and discovered there would indeed be a sequel, so i messaged my friend [the one who gave it to me for my birhtday] told her how much i loved it and that there would be sequels. we were both very happy.
thank you Aprilynne Pike! i love Wings, reading your blog, and i can't wait for the sequels.

Demon Hunter said...

I will have to resend my e-mail then. :-) It's been about a month. :-D

Empress Awesome said...

I don't have myspace or twitter, and I live nowhere near Utah! Crap!

Kiersten said...

Thanks for the congrats! I was tempted to email you and gush that I was so excited to be publishing with Erica and the same house as you, but then I wondered if that would be weird...he he. Anyway, thanks again!! Maybe someday we'll tour together : )

Heidi said...

Aprilynne - I read your book a month ago and it was so lovely. I have to agree that it is just a fun, easy read that keeps you going from start to finish. I love the new fairy concept - so different, but it makes so much sense! Congrats on the Disney movie! I hope they do make it into a movie! That would be awesome! I am also LDS and a writer with 3 small kiddos and trying to get into the world of writing and you are such an inspiration! You, Stephenie Meyer, and Shannon Hale are amazing LDS women and authors and I am so happy to see all of you succeeding! Congrats!

Tara said...

And now I want to know what Element A is. So for future blogging reference, make a note and tell us when you can! :] Happy editing.

Dano Brett Sam said...

Hooray for SLC and BYU Education week! I missed your May signing at the Kings English for Wings because of a silly family vacation Aargh. I'm so happy to have a second chance. Family Beware. And as for Element A book one has the best Element A innuendo ever! When T says: "I know who's blossom ..." I love it and tell everyone to read Wings because of that one line. I'll see you in a few days.

April Wilde said...

I do that. I'm glad to see even the professionals forget sometimes what they write!

If you ever do a signing anywhere in Indiana, I will definitely go. And I will bring .. stew. Or cake. Something for you to eat because sometimes writers forget to do that.

But there is a major university right next door? Purdue? Come and visit! Well, here's hoping, right?

Thank you for writing about a confident and admirable girl. It's very refreshing to see that they still exist.

Just remember the most important part, okay?


Or maybe it's ..

"Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."