Monday, August 17, 2009

All Good Stuff!!!

Winning is always good, right???

Okay, the winner of Secrets of Truth and Beauty is . . . .

Devon Hernandez!!!

Devon, please email me at aprilynne pike at gmail dot com (no spaces and the dot becomes a period, etc.) with your address and I will get SECRETS in the mail to you!! . . . I think I have some Late Bloomer decals left-over too.

Thank you everyone for entering!! I love seeing that people like things about themselves!! One of the criticisms I frequently get for WINGS is that readers don't like that Laurel thinks she is pretty and I always want to be like, hey! Don't we spend millions on school programs to help young girls gain confidence in themselves? Why is it suddenly bad for a teenage girl to think she is pretty? So yes, I will totally defend Laurel's confidence and hope that my readers feel the same about themselves!

Okay, I have been bursting to tell you guys this, but was waiting a little while to make sure that Harper did not change their mind. But the paperback is up on Amazon now with the new scheduling, so I think it is official!! You remember how I announced about a month ago that the sequel to Wings would be coming out June 8th?? Well, they changed their minds. In a good way!!

Now it is coming out MAY 4th!!!!!

I have to tell you I don't know why a month seems to make such a big difference, but it does! I am so stoked to have it come out a month and four days earlier than I thought!

Also, they've decided to release the paperback of Wings a month early too, so it will be out April 6th! A whole month before the sequel hits! So yeah, that makes me really happy.:)

Also, a reminder to Utah people that I am doing two Utah events next week. Details here!!



Demon Hunter said...

Congratulations to Devon, and to you, Aprilynne!

I agree that girls and women should be confident. There is nothing wrong with that!

Like a very wise three-year-old said, "Love your ownself!!" LOL. Kids are hilarious and are just learning grammar, which makes it even funnier. :-D

T. Anne said...

I would be thrilled to have my novel come out a month earlier! Big Congrats=)

Shelli said...

awesome - i cant wait. congrads april - so happy for you.

Kari Pike said...

Yeah! that is fun news...can't wait to see you Wednesday! hugs~

Juju said...

1. I like that Laurel knows she's pretty and couldn't agree with you more.
2. YAH! One month closer!

Tara said...

As a vain person, I didn't find anything wrong with Laurel thinking she was pretty. :] Congrats on the bump up.

April Wilde said...

That's awesome! I'll be able to harangue my husband into getting it as a birthday present for me. It comes out 2 days after I turn .. 28! That's when I've always celebrated. The 4th. My brother will be 29 on the 6th, so we celebrate it together on the 4th. So this is very, VERY good news!

So congratulations! I'm excited to see what happens to Laurel and everyone. I have to admit, though... I like Tamani better than David. But we all have our favorites!

When doing fanart (drawings), how can we get them to you? Post them somewhere and leave a link? I'm not really sure.

ORION said...

Aloha!!!! wish you were here for the retreat and conference next week!!!!

Patti said...

Can't wait for the second book. That's interesting that people would critize Laurel's confidence. I think people would welcome a character whose confident.

Isabell's Umbrella said...

I just came across your blog -- I just wanted to say that your work is amazing, and I am so excited to hear about the May release!

Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

WOW I just finished reading WINGS. I don't even think 'wow' is a good enough word to describe this amazing piece of literature. I cant wait for the next installment. This storyline is WAY better than twilight. I'm so totally hooked (how ironic, I write this while wearing a twilight tee).

Graham Chops said...

Darn, missed your event today for ed week. Had to take my car to the shop :-( but oh well, maybe next time. Props on the sequel and the paperback!

Boxxy said...

I just finished reading wings maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago and i didnt know what to expect but it just got really good! i'm pretty sure i finshed it in a day and a half, haha.

and i think it's good for a girl to think she's pretty as long as she's not all conceded (sp?) about it. You know like, "Be Jealous!" and all that, lol.

Can't wait for the sequel!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aprilynne!

This is Olivia, from borders yesterday! (Thursday 20, August)
I just have to say THANK YOU! You inspired me so much, and sparked interesting conversations w/ my mom... I'm gonna' /try/ to write a book! Thanks so much for inspiring me! And signing my book. No occasion too! You rock so much!


Anonymous said...

I just want to put in my two cents about my dream movie cast of wings. For Laurel, I can picture Taylor Swift, Taylor momsen pre- weird haircut (Think first season of Gossip Girl) and up and coming actress bridget mendler. For Tamani, I can think of one name only and that is taylor lautner.

Bella said...

I was just wondering, what's the title to the sequel?

Wes Harris said...

I think its kind of 'fairie-ish'* that she is pretty and is aware that she is makes sense to me. Aprilynne rocks!!!

*Yes, I'm aware that this is 'a new kind of fairie tale', but perhaps some classic elements still apply.

Kenny said...

Bella--the title to the sequel has not been finalized.

If you read back several entries on this blog, you will see where Aprilynne announced the title ("Spells") when she was told it was final. Within a week, however, it was unfinalized and it has not yet been refinalized.

As soon as the title is final, I will post a release date in the "events" section on her official website.

Thanks for reading!

Fiauna said...

Ooh, how exciting!