Friday, May 15, 2009

WINGS In The Wild!

Okay, I am so totally remiss at taking so long to post this . . . but I finally am!! The winner of the Wings in the Wild contest is Tom!! who sent in this picture (my first spotting in the UK!!!)

Tom, please email me and let me know which book you would like, and also if you would prefer the UK version or US version. Oh, and your address.:)

Second place was Jennifer Harris!

My book in Costco!! Yay!!! Jennifer, I know you guys are in temporary housing this summer, so when you get your new address, send it along and I'll send you some fun swag!

And third place is LaRee Ottley . . . but being the incredibly organized person I am . . . I lost the picture . . . But it was a picture of Wings at Borders! LaRee, I already have your address, so I will get stuff in the mail!!

Thank you guys for sending pics of Wings to me! It is so incredibly exciting to see my book out all over the place! It's not a joke! It really is real!!! Thanks!!!



T. Anne said...

I went to Target tonight and saw your book! I was so thrilled I told my DD about you! (she's 7) I've been lurking since Jodi was about to take you on. I'm so happy for you! You're living my dream too.

KelliF said...

I didn't realize how new your book was to stores. Bookstores are pretty much my favorite place and I was browsing and the beautiful cover of "Wings" really drew me in. Yeah...I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but I am so glad I did. What a beautiful story! I can't wait for the rest of the series. Congratulations on such a wonderful debut and good luck with all of your future writing!!!

Laci said...

Aprilynne, you will alwyas be a nice person. That is who you really are, nothing will change that. And yes I will always (STILL) come to you for advice on my queries. You are you and that is why we like you.

Jenny Tonks said...

When my daughter saw your book on the computer screen (as I was placing my Amazon order!), she said "Hey--I saw that book! A girl on the bus was reading it. Can I read it, too?"

That's better than a paid advertisement! :)

Lindsay B. said...

Hmm...really interesting! You know, I got your book at Costco! I saw it (and Fragile Eternity) and just had to get it! I didn't really know it was that new...or that amazingly written! I think I am crazy because that Costco book stack looks exactly like the one I got got my copy from.

Random Question: Is there a name for the second book in the series? Just wondering.