Monday, May 25, 2009

Auditions and Practice and Steven, Oh My!

Welcome back to DebsTour 2009!! The lovely and inestimable Sarah Ockler (author of 20 Boy Summer) gave me a very nice break in the weeks following my own release and since there are TONS of incredible, edible Debs coming out this summer, you'll see lots more of these in the next couple of weeks! I was actually supposed to get this one out yesterday, but I failed to realize that when my husband moved and took the modem with him, the internet left too. So now I am at my friends' house, stealing their internet till I can be reunited with my modem . . . I mean my husband . . . *laugh* Love you Kenny!!!

Okay, so a bit about ONE WISH: Overweight Wrenn Scott desperately wants to be popular and snag a hot boyfriend. Her amazing voice (for once) overshadows her weight when she lands a lead role in the high school musical. Pushing to get thinner by opening night, Wrenn's waistline shrinks as she learns all the wrong ways to lose weight from a new "it-girl" friend in the show. By opening night, the old Wrenn has almost disappeared. After a crisis reveals her weight-loss tricks, Wrenn realizes there are much more important things than being thin, popular, or even dating a hunk.

And where would ONE WISH be without it's lovely author! A bit about Leigh: Leigh Brescia grew up in North Carolina, spending most of her days playing in the woods behind her home and imagining she was a princess. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Communication from Mount Olive College and her Master's degree from Fort Hays State University. As an undergraduate, she worked in the Office of Public Affairs, where she wrote press releases and feature articles for the local newspapers and campus magazines.

When she's not grading papers or writing for tweens and teens, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing the piano. She sings when she's in a good mood, can't get anything to grow in her garden, and is ignored by the cat. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and her pre-schooler, which itself is an adventure.

And on to the Feasty Five!!!

AP: *Ahem* What kind of soda does (would) your MC drink?

LB: Wrenn gives up soda in One Wish, but she does drink orangeades (like lemonade, only better). I love them as much as she does. In fact, I *just* finished one.

AP: What is your MC's favorite kind of flower? How about yours?

LB: She likes roses. I like roses, too, but I also really like wisteria.

AP: Does your MC believe in magic? Do you?

LB: We haven’t discussed it, but since she’s looking for a total transformation, I’d have to say yes. Me? It depends on the kind.

AP: Give us one line from your book. You don't even have to give it context.:)

LB: “And I’m not talking about the smoke detector . . . biscuits are usually ready before the fire alarm goes off!”

AP: Superman or Batman?

LB: Batman. I tend to go for the dark, mysterious types with really fast cars.

AP: Mmmm, fast cars . . . I mean, you can totally find Leigh at



Laci said...

I am so going to go read this book, it hits home with my niece. She could easily be this m.c. Thanks for sharing this.

Yamile said...

Thanks for this summary! My to-read list keeps growing and growing! But Summer is almost here, so that means tons of time to read!

Leigh Brescia said...

Thanks so much for having me!! :)

Graham Chops said...

Hmmm...I know a few people who'd like to read that. I'll pass the word along.

However...everyone knows Superman is the superior hero. Don't side with Batman just because his movies are better. :-)