Sunday, April 19, 2009

Swag and Brazil!

I have fun stuff!!! WINGS has sold Portuguese rights in the Brazilian territories!!! My book's going to be in Portuguese!!! Yay!! It was a nice lift at the end of a rather long week. :D

Also, I ordered a bunch of swag a while back from 2 Day Designs and they came delivered it to me last night! The decals I was expecting, the buttons with my US cover on them I was expecting, but they also surprised me with buttons with my UK cover on them and a T-shirt!!! Check it out!

I was so excited I put a decal onto my laptop immediately! I'll be handing decals out at all my signings this summer . . . I'm just sayin'.;)



Reverie said...

GORGEOUS!!!! love love love it! its so cute!

Carbonneau said...

I LOVE the late bloomer T! How cute, and the buttons, I love it all. HOW FUN! AND CONGRATS! I hadn't heard that rights sold in BRAZIL! HOW EXCITING!

moonrat said...

these are awesome!!

i can't help but feel that your cover would make a nice cupcake design. could we get promotional cupcakes? i would SO help you distribute them. if you trusted me. (which i wouldn't recommend.)

Khy said...

LOVE! So cute.

And congrats on the Brazilian rights sale! :D

Jenn Johansson said...

How fun! Those are adorable and yay Brazil!! :D

Miranda said...

They are so cool!! I love them!! Congrats!