Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Contest of Awesome!!

Okay, okay, most of you caught me; the main point of the contest was to get a few followers going on Twitter since I am pretty new. But WOW!! I was not expecting to wake up this morning to 100 followers!! You guys are awesome!!

With that being said the winner is . . . WesleyKHarris! Wes, please email (aprilynne pike at gmail dot com) or send me a direct message on Twitter with your address and I will get this book in the mail to you today!

Keep an eye on the blog the next few days; I have this tendency to get really overly excited when super awesome events are coming up and it triggers this uncontrollable compulsion to give stuff away!

I'm just sayin'.;)

Thanks everyone for entering and for following me on Twitter. Yay!!



Deborah said...

Saw you at the Whitney's. Fun presentation.

KatW said...

Oh I'm sad I missed this. I only just started on Twitter a couple of days ago. My addiction is already being formed.
I really want to read 'Wings' will look out for more competitions. But will probably buy it before.
Kat :-)