Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kenny the Superstar!!!

It's over!!! It's done!!!

My husband graduated from Law school yesterday. It was awesome and amazing and incredible! He has worked so, so hard for this. And even during the summers when he had off, did he sit around and enjoy some well-deserved time off? No. He did research for two professors his first summer and an externship for the Utah Supreme Court his second summer and on top of that, when those were over, he watched kids for most of the day so that *I* could write! My husband is amazing.

And now he has his Juris Doctorate! Go Kenny!

On of the things I really enjoyed about the graduation process was the regalia. When you get a law degree you wear robes like in any other graduation, but you also have a hood. A long hood. The hood symbolizes the doctoral degree, the purple lining indicates that it is a law doctorate, and the blue and white represent his school colors. Then, during the ceremony, each student is hooded before going to receive their diploma. I am a huge fan of symbolic ritual, so I really enjoyed this part of the graduation ceremony.

So congratulations Kenny! Kenny has spent five and a half years of our seven and a half years of marriage in school and this has definitely been the most rigorous degree yet. So although I admit, I am really glad it's over, I am also so proud of Kenny for not only finishing law school, but being an incredible husband and father while doing so. LOVE YOU HON!!!

In book news, I got UK copies of Wings in the mail yesterday! This is the most copies of my books I've had all at once, so I had to put them into a huge stack and take a picture.

Why yes, I AM easily amused!;) I really love the treatment they gave this cover. It is embossed and shiny! I loved the image anyway, but the treatment they gave it is so, so, gorgeous!! (It looks like the oily rainbows you see in puddles on the street when it rains!!)

I will be doing a giveaway of a UK copy next week, so stay tuned!!



Reverie said...

CONGRATS!!! and UK cover looks pretty.... yay for books!

JKB said...

Congratulations, Kenny!!! Whohoo!! As a girl with a husband in a PHd, I feel you, Aprilynne. What an achievement! :)

(and that cover is teh prettee)

sharonanne said...

Yay. I'm looking forward to the giveaway.

btw, I saw finished copies on Friday at Strand books. :)

Andi said...

Congratulations to you and to Kenny!!

Anonymous said...

Hey April!
Mom showed me a copy of the UK. its awesome! Also many of my friends have been waiting for Wings! Tell Kenny congrats.

love Micaela

Speed Reader said...

Congrats on the law school achievement! Been there, done that. So I know how much the success is due to you as well!!

PS ... where can I buy the UK edition of WINGS??? I think the cover is oh so pretty!!!

Sheila said...

Hey Kenny Congrats on graduating from law school! I will never ever forget that!

Aprilynne, the UK cover of WINGS is gorgeous!! It was so good to see you last night. You and Dan stole the show! I can't wait for you to win a Whitney Award next year!!

Sheila said...

One more thing...I am so excited to see the widget countdown for WINGS. I just posted it to my blog!! I think I may go and post it at facebook too! :)

Patti said...

congratulations to your husband. I'm not sure which cover I like better.

Carol(ina) said...


So pretty! *drools and lusts after a copy* :)

Wes Harris said...

Way to go Kenny. I'm working on a duel master's myself (MS Engineering/MBA). I've still got a year to go, it's nice to see other people finish. It gives me hope. Both covers of your book rock.

jessie said...

Your UK cover is almost as pretty as your family. And those robes are very Harry Potter.